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xxxxxDue to copyright laws, we can't put rulebook content up on the wiki. We can, however, point you to books and page numbers.

Includes Type Book Page
Combat combat, general - punchin', shootin', swordin', wrasslin', etc. Reference WoD 150-181
Combat combat summary chart Table WoD 154
Combat combat - general factors - armor, armor piercing, fighting blind, going prone, immobilization, specified targets, stun, etc. Reference WoD 164-168
Combat armor chart* Table WoD 170
Combat explosives chart* Table WoD 179
Combat ranged weapons chart* Table WoD 169
Combat weapons chart* Table WoD 170
Combat, Close combat, close - all-out attack, defense, dodge, drawing a weapon, etc. Reference WoD 155-157
Combat, Close combat, unarmed - bite, disarm, drawing a weapon (again), turn a drawn weapon Reference WoD 157-158
Combat, Close combat, grappling Reference WoD 159
Combat, Ranged firearms summary Table WoD 161
Combat, Ranged ranged combat factors - aiming, autofire, concealment, cover, shooting into close combat, etc. Reference WoD 159-164
Durability objects, sample objects, materials, breaking things, blowing them up, piercing things Reference WoD 13-139
Glossary terms - 10 again, contested action, dramatic failure, initiative, merit, morality, resistance, turn, etc. Reference WoD 36-37
Health and Damage damage types (bashing/lethal/aggravated), deprivation, disease, drugs, electrocution, explosives, fire, healing, incapacitation, poisons and toxins, temperature extremes, etc. Reference WoD 171-181
Professional Training merit Reference HtV 67-69
Professions professions - academic, artist, athlete, cop, criminal, detective, doctor, engineer, hacker, hit man, journalist, laborer, occultist, professional, religious leader, scientist, socialite, soldier, technician, vagrant Reference HtV 74-93
Roll and Trait Summary Table rolls for skills and traits - animal training, carousing, climbing, dodge, examining a crime scene, hacking, healing wounds, memorizing and remembering, perception, solving enigmas, surprise, vehicle ramming, working the black market, etc. Table WoD 38-39
Success levels for extended actions how long does it take to make/do this thing/how difficult is it to do? Table WoD 129

* when book statistics and game/wiki statistics conflict, use the game/wiki stats

HtV Hunter: the Vigil Bailey, Russell. Hunter, the Vigil. Stone Mountain, GA: White Wolf Pub, 2008. Print.
WoD World of Darkness The World of Darkness: Storytelling System Rulebook. Clarkston, Ga: White Wolf Game Studio, 2004. Print.

See also this basic explanation of nWoD Cosmology through thematic correspondences!