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Submitting Standard PRP Requests

Plot Template

Use the following template when submitting for PRP experience via the +req/prp <title>=<contents> command:

PRP Name:


  • Rating should be 1-3
  • Staff retains the right to lower or raise the award based on reading the log.
  • 1 is Default (1xp): This encompasses combat that caused scrapes and bruises, or social situations that cause rumors to be started.
  • 2 is Challenging (2xp): This covers if people take lethal damage in combat, or defamation of character or hit to a character's social reputation.
  • 3 is Dangerous (3xp): People are full Lethal, Take Aggravated, Character Death, though this doesn't count if someone dying was the whole point of the scene. Socially this encompasses if character reputation are ruined, loss of status, loss of character assets.


  • Players is a list of the players in the scene; make sure to use the same names for them as their bits, for ease of awarding the XP.
    • ... make sure to include and note who the ST was...
    • ... and anyone who played an NPC but not their own PC, and which PC the XP for them should go to.
    • PLEASE do not use commas. This makes it much easier on staff! (e.g.: John Paul George Ringo)


  • Incentives' can be found:
    • ...listed below
    • ...on individual Sphere pages
    • ...on in-game +bboards
  • Please reference your source of incentives.


  • Summary is a brief one or two sentence summary of what happened in the scene.


  • Log(s) is the link(s) to the log(s); please list them with line breaks.


  • Total is the total requested xp to be awarded to each individual.

PrP Incentives By Sphere


  • +1 for Running/Participating in a PRP. A PrP is a scene with a set STer, be they Player or Staff.
  • +1 for Running/Participating in Shadow themed PRPs.
  • +1 for posting a log of a scene in an official +hangout (see +hangouts) that is open to the public.
  • A Badge for visiting the Underworld and each of the Dead Dominions for the first time.
  • +1 for logged scenes taking place in the Underworld.
  • +2 for running an event in the Underworld.


  • +1 for partaking in +events or scenes/info drops regarding staff-run sphere plots (see +bbread 22 for updates).
  • +1 for hosting an +event that is open to the sphere (a signup max is fine, but it should be open to the sphere in general). This applies to the ST/host only.
  • +1 for scenes in the Hedge (non-Hollow).
  • +1 for public sphere-related scenes (scenes in the Freehold Hollow, Changeling-only Hangouts, etc).
  • +0.5 for Court-focused scenes (Court meetings, Court schemings, etc).
  • +2 for IC becomings.

Changing Breed:

These are for Changing Breed Characters only

  • +1 for partaking in scenes/info drops regarding sphere plots.
  • +1 for PRPs relating to the sphere


  • +1 for sphere PRP Scene Logs regarding anything Werewolf themed or playing with other Werewolves or Wolfblooded
  • +2 for wolfblood only PRP scene that is not victim related! BE THE HERO!
  • +1 for werewolf/wolfblood PRP scene's where ongoing plots involve more than just combat.


  • +2 for an IC becoming.
  • +2 for making a Demonic Pact w/another PC.
  • +2 for willfully taking an action that results in a Degeneration check. (Must submit a +job for the Degeneration roll)
  • +1 for acting under the influence of your demon in a way that is to your social or physical detriment. (Please submit a +job)


  • +2 for PRPs involving trips to the Underworld.
  • +2 for an IC Bargain/Becoming scene.
  • +1 for an IC Krewe Binding. (Not pertaining to the ST's own Krewe)


  • +1 for sphere PRP/Scene Logs regarding anything Immortal themed or playing with other Immortals.


  • Coming Soon


  • Coming Soon


  • +1 for RPing outside your Covenant (For staff, this means anyone outside their Covenant)
  • +1 for RPing with Praxis Leadership
  • +2 for RPing about teaching others about being their best vampire self (For staff, this means teaching others disciplines, teaching fledglings the rules of court, something that fits like that)


  • +1 for RPing outside your Order (For staff, this means scenes with anyone outside of their order)
  • +1 for RPing with Mage Leadership
  • +2 for RPing about the Mage Academy (That thing we don't talk about - This means running classes, training students, etc)