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Facts About Professional Training

  • Professional Training does not give Resources.
  • We use the Professional Training from Hunter the Vigil, p. 67.
  • Custom Professional Training professions, as are on GMC 164, are available.
  • If you Become a template that cannot have Professional Training, it is simply refunded.
  • Only characters which are Mortal/Mortal+ may take this merit.Check +news alts 2 for details on what and what is not a Supernatural PC.

We are allowing the creation of custom professions, as stated on GMC p. 164.

The new profession does need some sort of title for the position, but it can be anything you like that makes sense, and include any two base skills you like, with one limitation. For balance reasons, no profession can have both of its Asset Skills from the following list: Athletics, Brawl, Firearms, and Weaponry. You can have Crafts and Firearms but not Athletics and Firearms; you have Survival and Weaponry but not Brawl and Weaponry. Of course, for the third asset skill you may select anything you like. This means any profession will have two combat skills at most.

Please set a +note on yourself if your Profession differs from those listed on the wiki. This note should include the 2 (or 3) skills the profession includes.

Example: +note me/Professional Training=My Profession is Acrobat, and it includes Athletics, Expression as its base skills. For my third skill I've chosen Medicine.

For more information, see: Professional Training