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Staff and Player Run Plots

Plots on Fallcoast are a required function for Tiered concepts as well as Storytellers. If you're planning on running a PrP, you can put in a +request about it so that staff can keep track and make sure that if you need anything, we can work with you. While there's no official policy on how plots should be run/created, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when submitting your +request:

  • Be concise! Set clear goals for what you plan to make the plot about and what sort of sphere(s) you'd like to have participate in the plot. If it affects a sphere outside of your own, make sure you note it down so that we can ensure that there's no stepping on toes.
  • Explain your story! What sort of NPCs do you have in the plot? What's the overall story line about? Do you think it can be finished in just one scene, or will it take multiple scenes to complete? Is this for a particular player to earn a merit (such as Hollow, Haunt, Relic and so on)? How do you feel this will add to the story of the game?
  • Tell us what you need! If there's something you need from staff for this, whether it's approval over a particular aspect of theme or if you need to know a bit more about some part of the game's thematics and setting to run your story, please let us know.
  • Finally, tell us the consequences! Any story could spell trouble or open doors for anyone, even those not connected to it. All stories are effectively connected in Fallcoast in that they all fall within the borders of a relatively small area. If you think this could have wide-spread effects on gameplay or if you're opening the door for a group to come in in the future, let us know so that we can discuss it with you.

Please keep in mind that not every PRP needs to be approved. We're relaxing this a bit; certain spheres have their own rules about this. However, if your PRP is going to make a big impact, you're going to want to get the OK. If you want to use other sphere's Supers, you're going to want to ask that Sphere's staff first.

To submit a plot, type +req/prp title=body

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