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Player Killing

PKs (player kills, where one player character kills another player character) are one of the most abrupt things that can be done to a character and, in many cases, its player as well. Staff will never deliberately kill off a character, although the character may still end up dead from a staff plot.

We ask anyone thinking about this situation to remember the golden rule: Be Excellent To Each Other. Character death will happen, but play it well and take it as well as you can.

Anonymous PKs

Staff will sometimes be asked, or required, to run these scenes, called Anonymous PK. For this, staff asks the following:

The approval from the Team Leads (or sphere heads) of all spheres involved is required, and the best way to get approval is twofold.

1) Solid reasoning. Why is this being done? Staff may pass on some or all of the rationale to the targeted player after the incident, if successful.
2) Fun. If at all possible, the PK attempt should be interesting for the target.

Staff should be given 48 hours warning and explanation and a chance for discussion. If you can do this via page, great!

If the 48 hours pass without all TLs approving the plot, then if an approving TL is running the plot, it can go on. Else, the player is given permission to kick some shins until they get more information.

PK From Chargen

For one month after a character's approval from Chargen, they are 'not allowed' to instigate or join in on a PK scene. ANY action taken directly or indirectly by a third party to instigate a fight that leads to a PK situation will be actionable. The only exception to this ruling that will be acceptable is pure self-defense. If attacked, a character may respond by defending themselves. All other situations involving 'early' PK will be met with a Retcon of the scene in question and a ban for the player.