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Welcome to Staff!

You have been welcomed into the circle of suffering staff! This guide has been created to help give you a cheat sheet for commands, and an introduction to the position. As always, with power comes responsibility and we will provide you the quick and dirty version here.


1. Introduce yourself to Fallcoast.

You should make a post on BB1, and your Sphere BB to introduce yourself to the game. If you are admin for a sphere you play in, your sphere post should include your playerbit for transparency and let everyone know who you are which helps on CoI issues.

2. Set up your forum and wiki accounts.

Forum: Register for a new forum account with your staff name. Contact Troy to have her set up your staff account permissions.

Wiki: To set up a staff wiki account, put in a standard +req/web including an email address. A randomly generated password will be sent to that address. Log in, change the password, and make an edit. If you do not make an edit, your account won't fully validate and will disappear into the ether in a matter of days. Once you've made an edit, your username can be upgraded to administrator permissions.

3. Watch your COI (Conflict of Interest)

If anything you are going to do on your staff bit influences or involve your player bit? Step back. If it is a question you would ask as your player, send a job req normally via your player bit. If it is a job for someone in your player bit’s sphere of influence (pack, cabal, gaggle) then do not touch the job and have another staffer process it. If its Attn Someone else, assign it to them, do not look at the job, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. Finally, if your player bit submits a job, do not look at it with your staff bit, or ask other staffers about the job on your staff bit. Your Staff Bit is separate from your Player Bit, and abuse of this or any other COI may cause you to lose your Staff Bit. Be professional.

4. You are an ambassador for the MU.

Whatever you do on your staffbit, you are speaking as a person of authority for the MU itself. If you are upset about a topic, or with a player step back and ask another staffer to assist. As Wil Wheaton says, "Don’t be a dick." So try to follow that golden rule as much as possible. If players are met with rude staffers, their opinion of the game in general suffers and we lose the ability to work together with the players to improve the game and help provide them with an interesting and entertaining environment.

Similarly, information you gain via your staffbit should not be shared with non-staff, even if they are your friends and they had your back in 'Nam.

5. Document everything.

When you are working on a job, instead of paging the player use the job as your secretary. It takes notes for you, it tracks progress and comments for you, and if anything comes up later that may have been missed everything is documented in that job. Also, if you have a conversation with a player outside of a job, and think it may be a concern, log the chat and post it to the Current Issues section of the Restricted Staff Area on the Forums. This is to ensure that any potential issue is documented, and other staff is aware of the situation. Even if you don’t think they crossed any lines, document it so a pattern can be seen over time if it continues to happen and needs to be addressed by Headstaff.

6. When in doubt, ask other staff.

If something comes up you are not sure of, a question, a request, a complaint, whatever; Ask in the Staff channel for opinions or help. Everyone is happy to assist you when you need it, if it's what a command might be, or if a player suggestion is a good one, or even if the justification in a job is suitable or not. We are a team and a resource for each other.

7. Guide to this guide.

We will try to provide as much information as possible in this guide, but there may always be gaps or updates. When in doubt, follow #6 above. Anything in Italics will be a help file command that you can use on the MU to provide more information than what may be provided in this document. Any information provided in <>’s is a modifiable command, and requires your specific input. <Name> means the target staffer or player, <#> means the Job number in question. Whenever you modify these, remove the <> ’s themselves from the command. (Example; +job/claim <#> is input as +job/claim 123 on the MU itself)

Command Guides

Common Staff Commands

Common Staff Commands: Jobs

Common Staff Commands: Advanced Jobs Commands


Common Staff Commands: Applications

Notes and Inventory

Notes: Game_help:Note

Also, basically everything here: Game_help:Staffers

Additional: Game_news:Policies


Animal Stats:
Animal Retainers:Can be found here.
Creating wiki accounts for players: see

Setting Up Staff Gags

You can on your staff bit use the following:

"&jobs_silence me=1" to turn off Job notifications. "&jobs_silence me=" to turn them back on!