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How to...

(This presumes a character will be named Bob and the existence of someone called Joe. Sorry, Bob and Joe. You've become examples.)

  • Speak

To speak to someone in the same room, the command is "I'm saying hello.

The output will be: Bob says, "I'm saying hello."

The ending quotation mark is not needed.

  • Pose

Much like speaking, you pose by typing :is hopping on one foot.

The output will be: Bob is hopping on one foot.

  • Channels

To speak on a channel, use the channel alias then the pose or sentence you'd like to share. This example uses <Public>. The syntax is: pub I have a question.

No quotation marks are needed for a channel.

The output will be: <Public> Bob says, "I have a question."

You can also pose in a channel. pub :is hopping on one foot.

The output will be: <Public> Bob is hopping on one foot.

  • Page

To page someone, the syntax is: p Joe=I have a question.

The output will be: Bob pages: I have a question.

  • Multipage

In the event of paging multiple people, the following syntax is used: p Bob Joe=I have a question.

The output will be: To (Bob, Joe), Frank pages: I have a question.

Capitalization is not necessary for pages, it's just a handy thing to do, so letters don't get mistaken for each other.

  • Use the Job system.

To see if you have any active jobs, type: +Myjobs This will list any jobs still under review, processing, or inquiry.

To see the specifics of a job, type: +myjob 999 If +Myjob 999 is the number of the job you'd like to look at, of course. You can only look at your own jobs.

To add to a job, type: +myjob/add 999=Whatever you want to say.

If there is a red asterisk (*) next to a job number, it indicates that the job has new activity. Checking on it would be a handy thing to do. Replying to Staff's questions and concerns is also a good thing.

  • @Mail

To check your unread mail, type: @mail/un

This will list all unread messages in your inbox.

To reply to someone's @mail, type: @mail Bob=Title.

To flesh out the main body of an @mail, type: - Words that you want to say here.%r

The %r is the "Enter" of @mail, poses, and pages. It will carry the line of text down once, allowing you to pose and page interesting, lengthy sentiments.

To conclude your @mail, type: --

If you would like to review what you've written, type: @mail/proof That will show you what you've written so far.

To discard a message in progress, type: @mail/abort Be careful with that - a message lost is irretrievable.

  • Request something.

In order to request something from Staff, check to see what it is that you want. If it is equipment, use the ++Eqreq system.

If it is related to a build project, like a home or business, use:

+Req/Build House=I would like a house. It should have (X number of) rooms and be located in (grid coordinates). Thank you.

If it is related to your sphere, type: +Request The Thing=I am asking about the thing. Can you help me with the thing? Thank you.

If it is related to a specific sphere, use one of the following, as appropriate: +Req/Sphere SPHERE/Title=I am asking about the thing. Can you help me with the thing? Thank you.

Possible things to use instead of SPHERE: Werewolf, Feral (use for Changing Breeds), Geist, Possessed, Changeling, Vampire, Hunter, Mortal, Mortal+, Mage, Immortal.

  • +Watch

Sometimes, you want to know if someone is online or offline. An easy way to do this is the +Watch system. To add someone to your +Watch list, type: +Watch/add Bob Bob will be added to your +watch list.

To remove someone, type: +Watch/del Bob Bob will be removed from your +watch list.

To check on your current watch list contents and their online status, type: +Watch

If someone is making you uncomfortable, contact Staff immediately. Zero people have the right to make you feel uncomfortable. No one has authority to do so. The game's Staff are here to help. Inform them of problems, concerns, and issues, and let them do what they do. If you feel a player Staffer has acted incorrectly or inappropriately and that it should be addressed by Headstaff, type: +Complaint Bob=I have a concern about Bob. He has done X, Y, and Z. I have proof consisting of A, B, and C, and can speak about it soon. Thank you.

My only real advice beyond this guide is: Be the player that you most want to meet.