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It is not possible for any power or combination of powers to allow multiple attacks in one action on the same target, so some changes were made to accommodate.

Fighting Style Merits Converted to Auto Damage

The following fighting styles levels have been changed from Multi Attack to Straight Auto Damage based on type. The Damage is based on your BASE attribute according to the list below, and caps at 5 in all cases. In all cases the maneuver requires an expenditure of one willpower point.

Auto-damage is negated at a 1:1 ratio by Armor of the appropriate type (Melee/Ballistic). Armor Piercing will negate this effect at the same ratio.

Armor will still not protect against auto damage from certain other sources such as fire/burning.

Example: Billy Brawler is attacking Vinnie Victim. Billy has Boxing 3, So He spends a willpower before his roll and gets 2 successes. Vinnie takes 2 bashing from successes and then 3 more bashing based on Billy's strength of 3.

Power Fighting Styles (Strength):

  • Boxing 3
  • Aggressive Striking 3
  • Langschwert 4
  • Tooth and Claw 4
  • Muay Thai 3
  • Street Fighting 4

Finesse Fighting styles (Dexterity)

  • Fencing 4
  • Evasive Striking 4
  • Kung Fu 4
  • Spetsnaz Knife Fighting 4
  • Shurikenjutsu 4
  • Judo 4
  • Two weapons 3

Firearms (Composure)

  • Combat marksmanship 5