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Splitting the Arrow (•••••)

Practiced archers are known for their accuracy, they ability to strike even the smallest of targets. When a target is clearly visible, this ability allows the archer to reduce penalties for called shots and firing into melee by their Dexterity score (to a minimum of zero.) Penalties for cover still apply when this is in use -- this level does not work in conjunction with the 4th level of the fighting style -- you must pick one or the other.

Area of Expertise

Characters can have a number of Area of Expertise merits dependent on their age:

  • 18-25: 1
  • 26-50: 2
  • 51-150: 3
  • 151-350: 4
  • 351+: 5

Bargain Hunter

Bargain Hunter • You know both how to shop around and can recognize when something is the quality you're paying for, better than most people can. You have an uncanny knack for picking up things at a bargain price or getting that rare freebie without annoying strings.

  • Prereqs: Resources 1, Streetwise 1.
  • Effect: Once a month you can specify a single item in an equipment purchase to be a Bargain, lowering the resource requirement by 1 dot. When used on Resource 1 items this makes them free, but still can only be used once a month.

Blind Fighting

Blind Fighting (• to ••••)

Prerequisites: Wits 3, Fast Reflexes 2

The character is trained in fighting in low-visibility or no visibility, such as in total darkness or while blinded (or because they are, in fact, blind).

When engaged in close quarters combat (up to 30 years) the character may ignore penalties equal to their rating in this Merit while In situations where the character would take a penalty to their attack roll based on visibility (such as in poor lighting, fog, etc).

Characters fighting in complete darkness (including those who are entirely blind) first need to make an Instant Wits + Composure check to locate their target each turn, as per the rules depicted in World of Darkness p. 166. If they are successful, they may attack using those same rules, but reduce penalties to the attack equal to their rating in this Merit.

This Merit only applies to the actual attack rolls, not the perception rolls to detect their opponent, save for the fourth dot of this Merit, which allows the character to make the perception roll to locate the opponent Reflexive.

For penalty reduction in perception roll, use the Trained Observer Merit. It is up to the Storyteller whether or not /rote gained from Trained Observer 3 applies to this roll, though it is strongly recommended it not apply.

Danger Room

Game news:Danger Room

Family Status

Fallcoast has multiple locally famous Families that characters can be related to. Each family allows for status within the group and receives certain bonuses based upon its current level. Each level translates approximately in the following fashion:

• - You are born into the family, adopted and were raised or have been married into the family.
•• - You have always been pleasant with members of the family and support them, but have not necessarily gone out of your way to improve the family's well-being.
••• - You have spent some of your own money or have spent a lot of time attempting to improve the family's fortunes.
•••• - You are considered a possible candidate as a matriarch/patriarch of the family and know the majority of the family's secrets.
••••• - You are the matriarch/patriarch of the family. If it was a crime family, you would be the Don of it.
No one does anything without asking you first. Everyone in the family looks to you for advice before anyone else.

  • You cannot have two forms of Family Status. You're either with one or another, despite marriage or breeding. If you were once a member of a family and married out, you will still be considered a member of that family (meaning you get basic respect), but have no status with the others.
  • Family Status can never be completely stripped by a family head. Family's family whether you like it or not.
  • Family Status does not cost XP. It can only be raised or lowered through on-grid IC action (or lack thereof) and OOC effort. Anyone who accidentally pays for status will be refunded for it.
  • At chargen, Family Status can be set no higher than 2.
  • In play, Family Status can be set to the level appropriate to the PC. This stat is one of the few to require justification through IC action. In order to facilitate the continuity of a Family and its internal theme, the family will vote on Status Raises 3-5. It will be a status-weighted vote.

See also: Family Status


Fence (• or •••) may NOT be used to purchase weapons of any sort or armor.

Frenzied Assault

Frenzied Assault ••••: Sever limb has been changed to disable limb.

Fighting Styles


Splitting the Arrow (•••••)

Practiced archers are known for their accuracy, they ability to strike even the smallest of targets. When a target is clearly visible, this ability allows the archer to reduce penalties for called shots and firing into melee by their Dexterity score (to a minimum of zero.) Penalties for cover still apply when this is in use -- this level does not work in conjunction with the 4th level of the fighting style -- you must pick one or the other.

Light Weapons

Thrust (••)
Your character knows when to defend herself and when to move in for the kill. At any time, you can sacrifice points of Defense one-for-one to add to attack pools. This cannot happen if you’ve already used Defense in the same turn. If you use this maneuver, you may not sacrifice your full Defense for any other reason. For example, you cannot use Thrust with an all-out attack. This bonus is limited to the number of dots in FS: Light Weapons to a maximum of five.

Martial Arts

Game news:Fs-martial-arts

Tooth and Claw

This is purchasable by anyone with a four-legged form such as the wolf- or wolf-like form for which the Fighting Style was intended, and can only be used in these forms. A Thyrsus able to transform into a bear, or a Beast who can transform into a tiger, can both purchase this, but can only use that style while actually in a four-legged form.

On question from a player about the possibility of shapechanging into things with more than four legs, we've decided that the requirement can be expanded if the TL for the sphere agrees that the shape is appropriate to this fighting style.

Tooth and Claw 4 As long as your character has her Defense available to her (it’s not been sacrificed for another maneuver or denied from surprise, for example), any character coming into her immediate proximity takes one point of lethal damage. This damage continues once per turn as long as the enemy stays within range and occurs on the enemy’s turn. This can affect multiple opponents but cannot be used in a turn where the character is Dodging.

Tooth and Claw 5 Your character’s teeth leave crippling, permanent wounds. By spending a Willpower point before making an attack roll, her successful attacks cause one point of aggravated damage in addition to her teeth’s damage rating. This Willpower point does not add to the attack roll.


Game news:Fs-throwing

Kip Up

Kip-Up (••)

Prerequisites: Dexterity 2, Wits 2, Athletics 3

Your character doesn't stay down for long. If not engaged in a grapple or weighed down by something they can't move, or subject to the Leg-Wrack Tilt, a character made prone can hop, push, or roll himself back up onto his feet as a Reflexive action on their next Initiative without sacrificing their action.


Game news:Library

New Identity

New Identity: The cost of this merit has been scaled back for the given effects.

  • Fake ID - an equipment request that works as described by New Identity (•) No XP expenditure is required.
  • New Identity (•) - Now works as described by New Identity (••)
  • New Identity (••) - Now works as described by New Identity (••••).

Professional Contacts

  • Spirits in any form may not be a professional contact

Professional Training

Game news:Professional training



Game news:Retainers

Animal Retainers


Status in the game is earned and never purchased. You can raise your status in one of two ways.

  • Factions such as City Hall, FPD, FFD, High Society, University, etc you would submit a job and the staff member in charge of that faction would review it and increase your status or deny your request.
  • Factions like vampire clans, covenants, vampire city status, mage groups like silver ladder, etc require all members to vote on status increases. You would create a job and the staff member would query all members of the faction to vote yay or nay on the status increase.

Status is always earned and never purchased with Experience. To request a status increase, create a job, do not request a status increase using an XP spend.

Striking Voice

Striking Voice (• or ••)

Prerequisites: None.

You have a voice that is somehow exceptional and that has an impact on people listening to you. Like Striking looks, this Merit must have a one to two word descriptor that explains how others perceive your voice; some examples are 'Trained', 'Intimidating' or 'Drill Sergeant'. The Merit grants a +1 at one-dot and a +2 at two dots on voice-based social interactions to which it applies, and an additional +1 if you also possess Hypnotic Voice. The drawback is that your voice makes it easier to remember you, as it leaves a lasting impression on others. This merit may only be purchased once. It stacks with Striking Looks.

Trained Ambidexterity

Trained Ambidexterity (••)

Prerequisites: Wits 3, Dexterity 3

The character has trained himself in coordinating a specific kind of weapon with his off-hand with equivalent efficiency as with his dominant hand. Upon buying this merit, the character must choose a group of weaponry (Pistol, Knife, Sword, etc) that the merit applies to. Whenever the character wields a weapon in his off-hand that belongs in the chosen group of weaponry, he suffers no off-hand penalties with attacks made with the weapon. This merit can be purchased multiple times; each time for a different type of weapon.

Territorial Familiarity

This merit is available to all spheres as written in the book.

  • (•) Available to all spheres, and applies to one grid square, which must be declared at time of purchase and cannot later be changed.
  • (••) Available to wolves only and is a 'neighborhood' - DP, MT, etc.
  • (•••) Available to all spheres other than wolves; same as the 2 dot version.

Trained Shooter

Trained Shooter (••)

Prerequisites: Dexterity 3, Firearms 3

You have been trained in how to handle recoil and substitute skill for strength in making sure you reign your firearm under control; reduce the Strength requirements of any firearms by 2 (to a minimum of 1). Note, this does not allow you to circumvent special rules on weapons if you fire them in such a way that is not intended. IE: Firing an anti-material rifle from the hip, with this merit, only requires Strength 3 to fire without a penalty. HOWEVER, you still take the bashing attack roll and suffer the knockdown.

Unseen Sense

After discussion, this is how Unseen Senses was HRed. This is a final listing of all US and what they do.

Unseen Sense usually detects types of creatures, as per GMC p. 175. In some cases, it detects only the appropriate power use, as noted in the below list for Awakened Magic, Sin-Eater Manifestations, Psychic Powers, Thaumaturge Powers, Changeling Contracts, and Possessed.

  • Unseen Sense (Awakened Magic)
  • Unseen Sense (Ghosts) - Detects unfettered geists. Detects Avernian Gateways if also a gatekeeper.
  • Unseen Sense (Demons) - Detects the Dark Numina and Manifestation Effects of Dominions in Twilight and Material states, as well as Familiars from the Possessed Sphere. Note, this does not detect the use of Possessed or their Vestments. Larval and Immundi are detected by the Ghosts and Spirits versions of Unseen Sense.
  • Unseen Sense (Spirits) - Detects use of Numina by Spirits.
  • Unseen Sense (Sin-Eater Manifestations)
  • Unseen Sense (Psychic Powers) - This detects Lucifuge Castigations. Detects psychic body thieves when stealing a body.
  • Unseen Sense (Thaumaturge Powers) - Will detect Malleus Maleficarum Benedictions. Detects thaumaturgic body thieves when stealing a body.
  • Unseen Sense (Werewolves)
  • Unseen Sense (Ferals)
  • Unseen Sense (Vampires)
  • Unseen Sense (Changeling Contracts)
  • Unseen Sense (Possessed) - Detects the use of most Lesser and Greater Vestments only.
  • Unseen Sense is limited to three instances per character. Characters existing prior to this rule have been grandfathered in, until respec or freezing.