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Fallcoast has multiple locally famous Families that characters can be related to. Each family allows for status within the group and receives certain bonuses based upon its current level. Each level translates approximately in the following fashion:

• - You are born into the family, adopted and were raised or have been married into the family.
•• - You have always been pleasant with members of the family and support them, but have not necessarily gone out of your way to improve the family's well-being.
••• - You have spent some of your own money or have spent a lot of time attempting to improve the family's fortunes.
•••• - You are considered a possible candidate as a matriarch/patriarch of the family and know the majority of the family's secrets.
••••• - You are the matriarch/patriarch of the family. If it was a crime family, you would be the Don of it.
No one does anything without asking you first. Everyone in the family looks to you for advice before anyone else.

  • You cannot have two forms of Family Status. You're either with one or another, despite marriage or breeding. If you were once a member of a family and married out, you will still be considered a member of that family (meaning you get basic respect), but have no status with the others.
  • Family Status can never be completely stripped by a family head. Family's family whether you like it or not.
  • Family Status does not cost XP. It can only be raised or lowered through on-grid IC action (or lack thereof) and OOC effort. Anyone who accidentally pays for status will be refunded for it.
  • At chargen, Family Status can be set no higher than 2.
  • In play, Family Status can be set to the level appropriate to the PC. This stat is one of the few to require justification through IC action. In order to facilitate the continuity of a Family and its internal theme, the family will vote on Status Raises 3-5. It will be a status-weighted vote.

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