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  • At all times you must act in a way that fosters mutual respect, both between player and staff, and internally staff member to staff member.
  • Be professional.
  • Be fair.
  • Be objective.
  • Never be on duty when your judgement is impaired, either by alcohol or emotions. If you cannot guarantee that you can be professional due to such circumstances, simply don't log on, or defer any statement or action that is dependent upon your better judgement.
  • Don't respond to a player with anger or disdain, no matter the circumstance. If a situation begins to escalate, be the good example. The more rude someone is, the more formal and polite you should be.
  • All players have the right to privacy.
  • The only time that this right is forfeit is when the game itself is threatened.
  • Staff shall not wander around Dark either into public or private scenes unless asked, or announcing themselves.
  • No summoning players without asking.
  • No @forcing someone without explaining why its necessary and what you are doing.
  • Avoid the appearance of impropriety. This is probably the hardest of all, since it's a very subjective thing. However:
  • It's as important to be aware of how things might look or be perceived as it is to do the right things.
  • Transparency is essential to maintaining this trust. Do so when at all possible.
  • Never put staff ethics in doubt. Do the right thing.
  • Don't be afraid to admit your mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. If you misjudge something or do something that on second thought feels that you've stepped away from our expectations, tell someone. We'll respect your honesty.
  • excellent to one another. And this goes out to our players too. Treat each other as you would want to be treated. Be kind and respectful. Don't snark behind each others backs. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Be the good example. Do your part to make this place the best it can be, one where people can feel comfortable and enjoy.
  • Bill of Rights

  • All players have the right to play on Fallcoast with a blank slate. No matter who they were, what they did or what went on on another game, people can apply into any sphere they so choose. If problems are caused in game, then they may be judged on their actions on Fallcoast, not elsewhere.
  • All players have the right to an appeal regarding a judgment. If a judgment is made regarding something that does not match the initial criteria noted above (being fair, professional and objective), it is the player's responsibility to appeal, but all appeals will be taken into consideration.
  • All players have the right to leave a sphere when they wish. They are not obligated to stay if they are no longer enjoying themselves.
  • All players have the right to freedom from harassment. If a player feels harassed, do not take this lightly. One person's view of harassment might not match another's, but it is important to consider the feelings involved.
  • All players have the right to ask for another judge if they feel that their current judge is somehow not meeting the aforementioned criteria, or if they feel that their current judge may cause a potential conflict of interest (CoI).
  • All players have the freedom to play the way they want to play, with regards to the theme of the game.
  • All players have the right to a meeting with Headstaff if they wish to discuss something that they feel is important. This can be through the +req/complaint system or through a real-time meeting.
  • Most of all, all players have the right to enjoy themselves.