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What Do I Need to Buy?

If it doesn't grant you a stat bonus, you don't have to have it noted on +inv. If it does grant you a stat bonus, or is a weapon or other item such as a police badge, or fake ID, it needs to be in your +inv. If it grants a die bonus and isn't in your +inv, you don't have it, but conversely, if your sneakers aren't granting you a +1 to your Athletics rolls, you don't need to have them in your +inventory. If it makes you more comfortable to have it in your +inventory, Swag staff will be glad to help, but don't feel you need to inventory your wardrobe unless it grants you a social die bonus.

Over the Counter

"Thank you, come again!" - Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, The Simpsons

Almost everything you will ever want to buy is legal. You don't worry about it when you go to the grocery store, do you? Even beer and cough syrup only require a quick flash of driver's license and you're good to go. For the vast majority of items, there are no concerns about legality: just resources.

In order to ensure that all characters are being held to the same rules across the board, we are instituting the following rules:

  • Resources 1: You may purchase one Cost 1 item per month.
  • Resources 2: You may purchase one Cost 2 item per month, or two Cost 1 items.
  • Resources 3: You may purchase one Cost 3 item per month, or two Cost 2 items per month, or four Cost 1 items.
  • Resources 4: You may purchase one Cost 4 item per month, or two Cost 3 items, or 4 Cost 2 items, or eight Cost 1 items.
  • Resources 5: You may purchase one Cost 5 item per month, or two Cost 4 items, or 4 Cost 3 items, or eight Cost 2 items, or sixteen Cost 1 items.


Not all things are legal. Do you have a prescription for that? A permit? A license? Unless otherwise noted in your request, staff will assume you are trying to get things legally (exceptions being things that are illegal no matter what)

Examples of Legal Weapons

  • Generic 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 Autoloaders
  • Revolvers
  • Generic Shotguns (must meet length requirements)
  • Hunting rifles (must meet length requirements)
  • Assault rifles incapable of fully automatic or burst fire
  • Assisted opening knives less than 5" in length
  • Fixed knives less than 5" in length
  • Longer knives used while fishing and hunting

Examples of Class 3 Weapons

  • Fully Automatic Uzi (Pre-1986)
  • Fully Automatic M4 Carbine with Grenade launcher (Pre-1986)
  • FN PS90 with extended stock and barrel to meet length requirements
  • Semi-Automatic AK-47 with short barrel
  • Benelli M1 CQB (Semi-automatic, 14" barrel)

Examples of Illegal Weapons

  • Glock 18C (Stock, Fully Automatic, Post-1986)
  • Fully Automatic and burst weapons post-1986
  • Pistols and rifles over .50 in caliber
  • Armor piercing ammunition
  • Switchblades or gravity knives
  • Brass knuckles (concealed)
  • Slingshots (concealed)
  • Bowie knives (concealed)

When Putting in Equip Jobs

Command for Equipment requests: +eqreq

Please see this page for instructions.

Please refer to the Equipment List!

Extended Resources

Some topics are too long to list on this page. Click the following links to read them in detail:

Submitting Equipment Requests

How can you make this as easy as possible?

  • Use The Code. We will return any request that doesn't use +eqreq.
  • Fun With Guns:
  • Tell us if you have a criminal record.
  • Starting Equipment: Your first equipment request can contain six month's worth of spends and if you're Resources 0 you are counted as having Res 1 for your starting purchases only; for example, a hacker might start with a computer a bit over her resource level. A mechanic might have a better set of tools. Take the time to think it over, as this leeway is only given for starting equipment.
  • Shop On Your Own: While staff is happy to make suggestions if asked, it's much better when you already have a list of items picked out.
  • Pledges: Do you get your cash from faerie handshakes? Please tell us. Give us the +pledge number so we can verify it!
  • Money: Is someone else paying for it? cc them after putting in the +eqreq and have them sign off on it.
  • What Am I Buying? To see the stats of an item, use the following code: +equip/view <item> . Make sure you use the item name as it is on the equipment list

Is It Legal?!

There are three classes of legality:
  • Legal
  • Class 3
  • Illegal

Legal Weapons

  • Pistols without stocks or a vertical foregrip.
  • Shotguns with barrels no shorter than 18" and overall length no shorter than 28".
  • Rifles with no shorter than 16" and overall length with stock extended must be 26" or greater.

Class 3 Weapons

  • Pistols with stocks or foregrips.
  • Shotguns which are shorter than 28" or with barrels below 18".
  • Rifles shorter than 26" or with barrels shorter than 16"
  • Silencers
  • Grenade Launchers (grenades are restricted except smoke and flare).
  • Machine Guns made before 1986.

Illegal Weapons

  • Owning a C3 weapon without a permit.
  • Owning a machine gun made after 1986.


AP ammo is illegal unless:

  • you are law enforcement, and
  • it is issued by the department, and
  • you are using it on hazardous duty.

House Rules

Starting Equipment is equal to six months of your character's Resource score. Resources 0 characters are considered to have Resources 1 for the purposes of their starting equipment only.' At all other times, and for all other equipment purchases, Resources 0 characters are unable to make equipment purchases. You character's Resource merit doesn't just reflect what they can buy; it also reflects the worth of their possessions. It's not all what you can own, but also what you do own. Can you sell that shotgun and make some cash? Yes. Then it's part of your net worth. This requires at least some justification, even if it's just that it's an airplane and you are a pilot. Please, do not presume that you are entitled to more than your sheet allows. This is a courtesy to encourage RP.

NOTE: Starting Equipment is the stuff you are coming to town WITH; the clothes on your back. It is NOT items you are buying once you are in town, nor is it items you are being given by others.

NOTE 2: Please remember that costs are multiplicative, not additive, as referenced in the Resources scale below. 1 x Resources 5 purchase = 2 x Resources 4 = 4 x Resources 3 = 8 x Resources 2 = 16 x Resources 1 purchases. So if you start with Resources 2 and buy 3 items with a Cost of 3, you have expended your starting equipment spends.

  • Equipment bonuses such as Reinforce cannot be applied to weapons you begin play with.
  • Revolvers, like shotguns, can benefit from the sawed-off rules if the gun had a barrel longer than 4 inches to start.
  • Prototyping: We tried to come up with rules to implement this. This simply doesn't work in a MUSH environment, and will not be used.
  • Locksmith equipment uses the following progression:
    • Lockpicks: Cost 1, +1 bonus
    • Lockpick Gun: Cost 2, +2 bonus
    • Locksmith's Kit: Cost 3-5, +3-5 bonus
  • Buying Things for Others: We ask that the person who will end up with the Equipment be the one to put in the job, since that simplifies the process from a staff perspective. +eqreq as normal, then +myjob/cc ###=Name. In addition, bear in mind that purchases for others will be outright purchases, so adds a +2 to cost of vehicles as you're paying for them outright, on the spot.
  • Obsidian Weapons grant +1 damage to weapons, keeping in line with GMC conversions. Obsidian also makes a weapon exceedingly brittle. Any weapon made out of obsidian has a durability of 1. In addition, obsidian follows the sames rules as a shard of glass (Armory, p. 43): if the weapon ever does two or more damage in a single attack, the obsidian breaks and becomes useless. Obsidian raises the cost of an item by 2.
  • Immortals, Vampires, and the Long of Life - Legal forms of ID expire. Every 5-10 years you need to renew your license. After a period (20-30 years), those characters that live a very long time will need to find a way to explain why they were born 70 years ago and look 20. Big purchases, vehicles, and firearms are some of the items that would require you to have an intact legal identity to purchase. If you are requesting equipment and you have not been able to renew your license in the last 5-10 years (because, maybe, you don't show up on film) or you appear more than 20-30 years younger than your birth date suggests, please have a means to acquire your items. New Identity merit works well. You can also take a retainer and have them make the purchases. You could also always brainwash the clerk into writing down that you are legal... if that's your thing. If you have no legal means, then prepare to live life illegally.
  • Pledges, Resources, and Equipment - Please consult the Changeling House Rules before attempting to use a Pledge to pay for your equipment! If you have the appropriate pledge, please include the pledge number in your job. Changeling/House_Rules#Pledges
  • Dragon Skin Armor can be purchased. It is no longer exclusive to military use; however, it's not easy for civilians to get.
    • In order to buy a new set of armor from the one company that manufactures it, they require you fill out forms and such. In game terms, this is reflected by requiring Allies or Status 1 with some (Local or US) Military or Law Enforcement organization (TFV counts as a Law Enforcement Organization for this purpose; TCG can get it at Status 2+). Or, the Sworn Officer merit. Do keep in mind, however, this armor is NOT approved for use in the line of duty and as such, wearing it in the field can lead to Bad Things(tm) happening to you because of it.
    • For those of you with a criminal bent, you are able to buy this via the Black Market. Requires Allies/Status Black Market 3, 15 Successes, Cost +1.
    • Dragon skin Armor cannot be crafted. It is sophisticated technology made exclusively by one company. It may only be obtained in the above ways.
  • Expendable Items: While we generally don't police exact ammo counts or how many usage doses of your recreational drugs you have, certain items are by their very nature expendable, such as explosives (extremely rare ammunition variants (in terms of game effect, not caliber) also fall in under this). For such items, please make a not in your +eqreq about the number of items you are purchasing (and the legality of your acquisition, noting the requirements for doing so per Armory p 194). Upon an expenditure, send in a +request to either make a cost spend to maintain your eq, or to have the total shifted downwards by one. Yes, that is a bit clunky. We apologise.

Special Licenses (FFL, FEP)

  • With the changes to Status with GMC that were made, the FFL (Federal Firearms License) and FEP (Federal Explosives Permit), now function as follows:
  • Requirements: Resources • or ••, Politics ••, and in the case of the FEP, an Explosives specialty in Science.
    • Application submitted to Law; to help schedule and file the 'paperwork'. Background check, ATF investigation, and an on-screen APD investigation. Reasons for owning FFL and FEP equipment should be included in this; either as a business, company, etc. Upon approval and the like, FFL or FEP will be issued via +equip.
    • Questions? Contact staff.
  • For spends that exceed Cost 5, such as a Cost 5 jet aircraft that is purchased with a modifier that brings its value above 5 (such as Luxury, Black Market, or buying it full out), the approximate value of the item should be considered and divided among the spending total of the Resources. For example: Resources 5 allows $50,000 worth of spending money a month while having millions in assets. Jeb wants to buy a Business Jet which is normally Cost 5, and he wants it to be a Luxury vehicle for +1 cost which brings the total to Cost 6. As the Cost 5 is actually only a monthly payment, it takes him 1 extra month (+1 cost) to get the jet, after that his Resources 5 cover the Cost 5 every month. If Jeb wanted to buy a $250,000 car, it might take him 5 months to purchase the vehicle outright.


The following are updates to World of Darkness that are a part of the errata. These supersede what is printed in the main book in these instances.

  • Vehicular damage is Lethal. "If your fool ass gets run over, it's lethal damage, not bashing." WoD Errata.
  • Resisting disease is not a contested action. Typically, only a single success is required on the Stamina+Resolve roll, and this roll is modified by the severity of the disease in question. In some cases, resisting the disease might be an extended action, such as recovery from cancer. In cases like these, the Storyteller still sets the benchmark for how many successes are necessary and the subject's pool might still be penalized by the disease's severity.
  • Resisting poisons and drugs uses a different set of rules than the book. See +news Poisons.

The following are updates to Armory that are a part of the errata. These supersede what is printed in the main book in these instances.

  • All weapons and items marked as size 0/P are actually 1/P.
  • Intratec TEC-9 no longer has the phrase "...and subtract 1s from any successes rolled"
  • The second-to-last sentence in the first paragraph describing bows should read "A character may use Athletics to fire a bow, but without at least one dot of the Fighting Style: Archery Merit, suffers a -2 penalty to the attack roll"
  • The bonus provided by telescopic sights applies only to aimed shots. See "Aiming," WoD p162.
  • The following calibers are considered subsonic for the purposes of suppressors: .22 LR, .25 ACP, .32 ACP, .32 S&W, .38 Special, .380 ACP, 9x18mm Soviet, .45 ACP, and .45 Long Colt.
  • The following calibers may be acquired in subsonic variants, but damage is reduced by -1, save for the BMG: 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, 5.56mm NATO, 7.62x39mm Soviet, 7.62mm NATO, and .50 BMG (4L, AP2)
  • Suppressors and unlisted calibers: If you want a gun to be suppressed and it’s not under the listed calibers in the Armory Errata, we will do the following: You need a subsonic version of your ammunition. In mechanics terms, that gives you a -1 to the damage of the gun. Also, if the gun/ammo has other effects (AP, -again) those are also altered. You lose any –again effects given by the gun/ammo itself and the AP is cut down by half (rounded down).

Note that the .50 BMG stats has the AP lowered from 6 to 2, which is more than half. Those stats are staying as written; this is just for others that aren’t listed in the Errata.