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A clarification on rolls for losing Morality and its supernatural counterparts. For this entry, "Morality" and "sin" cover all of these.

  • One degeneration roll is made per sin, regardless how many are made during a scene, unless a power or exception case is expressly given (such as the Hedge for humans). This is because there are powers and exceptions mentioned in many of the game lines.

  • Sins that would be counted at multiple levels are rolled at the lowest level.

  • Staff would appreciate if you rolled degenerations to a request job, but will trust the Storyteller if it was a judged scene. If the roll is failed, still inform your sphere staff.

  • Storytellers have some leniency with the level of the sin if appropriate, combining an aggregate sin at a lower level to a single sin (such as is done with Murder and Mass Murder on the chart). This could impose a -1 to -3 penalty to the roll, though anything lower than -1 should be for extraordinary circumstances.

  • A character might recieve bonus dice to their roll if the sin is made to uphold their Virtue. This could grant a +1 to +3 bonus to the roll, though anything higher than +1 should be for extraordinary circumstances. As with the penalty above, the bonus (and whether to allow it) is up to the ST. (WoD Core, p.92, "Virtues and Degeneration")


On the whole, sins should be evaluated for whether or not they're unique actions. For example! JoeBob and BobJoe both break into your apartment. You kill them both in self-defense because they have knives, those dastards! ST could say the roll is at -1 for multiple deaths, but +1 for defending yourself, so no modifier. If you happen to really hate JoeBob and took your own sweet time carving up his jack-o-lantern face and then stuck a candle in his emptied skull... maybe roll that one separately. This is a rough example; each situation can and should be different.