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Sometimes, asking someone to do or stop doing something isn't enough and a stronger approach is required. Fallcoast has only one way to do this: Removing people's ability to participate. This is a philosophical statement of sorts: in a volunteer environment, in which both players and staff are here willingly to play, removing the ability to play is the only corrective measure truly available.

This is a list of what players and staff can expect out of the complaint process as an end-result, for all involved parties (potentially including the person complaining). This list is kept as specific as possible, but is not meant to be a check-list. Every situation is different, and we don't have a lawyer on-staff. Headstaff, and staff in general, will make every attempt to approach each situation as ethically and fairly as possible. These steps won’t always follow each other in order, depending on the circumstances.

A Good Talking To

As a matter of faith, we feel that most of the time, players simply aren’t aware that they’re doing anything wrong. In that case, someone, be it staff or players, should try to make the person aware of what's happening and, if possible, how to fix it. This is an opportunity for the involved parties to reach a common ground and mutual understanding, not a time for accusations of cheating and poor behavior. Through long practice, we’ve realized this is best done in private page, rather than in public, but that isn’t always going to be possible or appropriate.


Once a player (or staffer) has a chance to understand the situation, and what the appropriate behavior is, we expect that the behavior will stop. If it continues, it does so as a matter of deliberate action, rather than misunderstanding. A warning at this point indicates the situation has gone far enough that we’re forced to keep an eye on it; continuing to act inappropriately signifies active decision.

A proper Probation will be stated as: What needs to be done, the timeframe it will be re-evaluated at the end of, and the level of corrective measure that will take place if the staff member feels that it hasn't been.

Timeframes should go between two weeks and two months, and the staffer can't suggest a measure that they can't normally apply.


A break is when you're asked not to log onto the game, or a specific role on the game, for a period of time. This allows those involved to get some space and approach the situation in the future with less immediate emotion and stress. If the person(s) asked to step back refuses to do so, the timeframe may lengthen.

Sphere Break
Up to 4 weeks: TL decision; requires job/documentation for Headstaff review if needed.
Staff Break
Up to 4 weeks: Headstaff only.
Game Break
2 Weeks or More: May be pitched to Headstaff by TLs.


A ban is when someone is asked to leave and not come back. Chances have been given, discussions made, probably one or more time-outs, but things are simply not panning out. This doesn’t necessarily mean that either ‘side’ of the decision are evil, horrible monsters. But there is and should be some practicality in the decision that if it’s not working despite efforts otherwise, someone needs to leave to end the toxicity and damage.

Sphere Ban
TL only with approval of all Headstaff. May be rescinded by a future TL.
Staff Firing
Stated policies for game staff are posted on wiki and on staff-bboard. These are non-negotiable, and breaking them may result in immediate removal of staff-authority and freezing of ‘bit.
Game Ban
Please don’t make us do this. It’s the absolute last step taken. Game Bans are for repeated inappropriate behavior and can last anywhere from a week to the end of known time (we laugh so we won’t cry). This can and will be enforced with IP locks if the person banned comes back even after being asked to leave.