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Combat Mechanics

Fallcoast combat is primarily, but not entirely, 1e. Anything which is not 1e will be detailed on this page and on the pages it links to.

You can find a summary of the flow of combat on the Combat Summary Chart page.

Defense & Armor

These work under 2e rules.

  • Defense is subtracted from attack rolls
  • Armor is subtracted from damage rolls

Example: Unstable John wants to stab Thieving Jack, because Jack stole his puppy. He really liked that puppy. John has a Bowie knife which is 2L. Jack's Defense is 5 and he is wearing 1/0 armor.

John rolls: +roll strength + weaponry - 5
John hit!
John got 2 successes, but Jack's armor ate 1 point of damage, so John does 1L from his success and 2L from the knife bonus.

Equipment Stats

The stats in +equip have been modified from the versions on the pages listed in the +equip list. Pay attention to the Type for the item in your +inv. These are taken from the charts on the Chronicles of Darkness book (published 2015), pp.268-9, and if you have questions about the item stats/initiative modifier, the Type tells you the closest 2e item to compare it to.

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