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The Channels (coms) on Fallcoast each serve a specific purpose. However, we do like to try to keep them positive. Public Sphere and Game channels are for things like discussion of the game, searching for roleplay, and banter.

Public Sphere and Game channels are not for criticizing other Staff and players, making other people uncomfortable, snarkiness, or being a creeper. If someone pipes up about something making them uncomfortable on a channel, take it to pages! If you feel someone is piping up to say they're uncomfortable to be a prat, let Staff know. Players are also fully allowed to let Staff know anonymously that they are uncomfortable and may ask Staff to steer the conversation away from the current topic.

Please also keep in mind that joining other Sphere's or group's channels when you are not apart of that group is frowned upon. If you are trying to join a Sphere, please make a new character bit and join the channel under that name to ask your questions.

You should *never* join a private (cabal, motley, coterie, pack, etc) channel that you were not explicitly invited to or apart of.

This is a list of all public channels on the game. Unless otherwise noted, these are OOC channels. If you belong on one, go ahead and join it. Do remember that channel names are case sensitive, so joining the Adamantine Arrows channel would be 'addcom aa=AdamantineArrow'. Type comlist to see a list of channels you belong to.


Channel Name IC/OOC Channel Description
911 IC Emergency Services
Abernathy OOC Family - Abernathy
Acanthus OOC Mage - Path - Acanthus
AdamantineArrow OOC Mage - Order - Adamantine Arrow
Adult OOC "Adult" Topics & Conversations
Apostate OOC Mage - Orderless Mages
Autumn OOC Changeling - Court - Autumn & Goodwill
BloodSorcery OOC Vampire - Blood Sorcery
BloodTalon OOC Werewolf - Tribe - Blood Talon
Blue Line IC Police channel
BoneShadow OOC Werewolf - Tribe - Bone Shadow
Build OOC Build-related Questions
Carthian OOC Vampire - Covenant - Carthians
Cavanaugh OOC Family - Cavanaugh
Changeling OOC Changeling Sphere
Chargen OOC Character Generation Questions
Cheiron OOC Hunter - Conspiracy - The Cheiron Group
CityDispatch IC City Dispatch
Code OOC Code-related Conversations
CopsAndRobbers OOC Faction - PCs in Law/Crime
Courtless OOC Changeling - Courtless
Crime OOC Faction - Criminals of all stripes
Crone OOC Vampire - Covenant - Circle of the Crone
Daeva OOC Vampire - Clan - Daeva
Dawn OOC Changeling - Court - Dawn & Goodwill
Dusk OOC Changeling - Court - Dusk & Goodwill
FallcoastPolitics OOC Faction - PCs in Politics
Feral OOC Feral Sphere(Changing Breeds)
FreeCouncil OOC Mage - Order - Free Council
Gangrel OOC Vampire - Clan - Gangrel
Geist OOC Geist Sphere
Ghouls OOC Vampire - Ghoul PCs
GotV OOC Mage - Order - Guardians of the Veil
Hackers OOC Hacker-related chatter
Help OOC Help Channel - ask questions here!
HiD OOC Werewolf - Tribe - Hunters in Darkness
Hunter OOC Hunter Sphere
Immortals OOC Immortal Sphere
Internet IC Internet queries
Invictus OOC Vampire - Covenant - Invictus
IronMaster OOC Werewolf - Tribe - Iron Masters
Kings OOC Fallcoast Street Gang
LanceaSanctum OOC Vampire - Covenant - Lancea Sanctum
Law OOC Fallcoast Law-enforcement chatter
LFG OOC Ask here for RP! (Looking For Group)
LoyalistsOfThule OOC Hunter - Compact - Loyalists of Thule
Lucifuge OOC Hunter - Conspiracy - Lucifuge
Mafia OOC Crime, Scaccia family mafia
Mage OOC Mage Sphere
MalleusMaleficarum OOC Hunter - Conspiracy - Malleus Maleficarum
Mastigos OOC Mage - Path - Mastigos
MBSisterhood OOC Hunter - Conspiracy - Maiden's Blood Sisterhood
Medical OOC Faction - Medicine-related PCs
Mekhet OOC Vampire - Clan - Mekhet
Military OOC Military PC chatter
Moros OOC Mage - Path - Moros
Mortal OOC Mortal Sphere
Mysterium OOC Mage - Order - Mysterium
NetworkZero OOC Hunter - Compact - Network Zero
Nicks OOC Family - Nicks
Nosferatu OOC Vampire - Clan - Nosferatu
Obrimos OOC Mage - Path - Obrimos
OrdoDracul OOC Vampire - Covenant - Ordo Dracul
Politics OOC Talk politics here instead!
Possessed OOC Possessed Sphere
Promethean OOC Promethean Sphere
Psychic OOC Psychic Sphere
Public OOC Public chatter. Spammalicious.
Radio Free Fae IC Changeling Radio (run by Winter)
Ravenwood OOC Ravenwood Family (PC-created)
Religious OOC Talk about religion here instead!
Shadow IC Shadow discussions
SilverLadder OOC Mage - Order - Silver Ladder
SJU Radio IC University Radio
Skinner OOC Family - Skinner
SocialCombat OOC Help with Social Combat mechanics
Society OOC Faction - High Society - The Elite
Spring OOC Changeling - Court - Spring & Goodwill
StAdrian OOC Hunter - Conspiracy - Knights of St Adrian
StormLord OOC Werewolf - Tribe - Storm Lords
Summer OOC Changeling - Court - Summer & Goodwill
Swag OOC Equipment-related questions
TaskForceValkyrie OOC Hunter - Conspiracy - Task Force Valkyrie
Thaumaturge OOC Thaumaturge Sphere
TheUnion OOC Hunter - Compact - The Union
Thorpe OOC Family - Thorpe
Thyrsus OOC Mage - Path - Thyrsus
Twilight IC People who can see into Twilight
Underworld OOC Faction - Underworld (ghosts, not crime)
University OOC Faction - University
Vampire OOC Vampire Sphere
VampTier OOC Tiers - Vampire
Ventrue OOC Vampire - Clan - Ventrue
Videogames OOC Chatter about video games here!
Wagner OOC Family - Wagner
Werewolf OOC Werewolf Sphere
Wiki OOC Wiki help & questions/answers
Winter OOC Changeling - Court - Winter & Goodwill