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General Build Policy

Fallcoast staff wants players to enjoy the game in their own way with as few limitations as possible. Therefore we have adopted a pretty liberal build policy where common sense is considered more important than an unbending policy regarding the number of rooms; we intend to encourage people to build what they'll RP in and what they can reasonably have, no more and no less. The guidelines listed below for Mundane Builds and Supernatural builds are flexible and serve as an average rather than an absolute.

Neighborhood Building Philosophy

Each common grid-square room on Fallcoast includes an entire neighborhood, and not just a street or a block. This is important to understand when building or RPing in those rooms -- just because another build is linked in that room does not necessarily mean you're next-door neighbors, and this applies doubly for Crow Hollow and the Hollow Woods areas, where each grid square covers hundreds of acres of land. All main grid squares -- anything to which you can +travel -- will only ever have N S E W directional exits on it, for ease of navigation. This includes Hedge, Underworld, and Ocean exits.

To this end, Fallcoast staff will not be supporting the claiming of grid squares by packs, coteries, Covenants, Orders, cabals, motleys, etc. This is simply not compatible with a grid where there are 25 common grid squares. PCs may ICly claim to control a given area; they may also claim to be giant purple squid from the planet Zhaitan. Neither one of these claims will be supported by staff via +view or NPC support. Individual builds may be claimed as Sanctums, pack territory, etc.

Requesting a Build

Players should request build projects via the +req/build command. In the body of the request, please include the number of rooms desired, their names, and where the build project will be located on the +map. If the project is being linked to an existing build (e.g. adding a room to an existing home), please provide the exact dbref of where you would like this linked; you can obtain the dbref of a room even if you don't own it by going to a room and typing think num(here).

Where possible, we encourage you to consider using places and +views or simply include a brief addition to the room's desc instead of adding more rooms than necessary; rooms which will not see regular roleplay should not be built. Each build request will be evaluated on a case by case basis to ensure it makes sense for the setting, as well as the location on the grid that you're requesting the project be linked to. Please be sure to look at the description of the grid square that you'd like to link to. A location in the middle of the city obviously isn't going to be appropriate for a 5 acre farm with livestock.

If you're requesting an addition to a build you don't own (Bob wants to add a bedroom to a house Mary owns), then Bob should cc Mary on the request job so that Mary can sign off on the request; the request won't move forward until Mary oks it.

Staff will create the rooms and chown them to the requesting player; after setting the room's descriptions and any necessary views, notes, etc., please note in the job that it's ready for inspection. Once reviewed by staff, the project will be linked to the grid. Note: Build staff does NOT approve or lock notes for security systems, wards, demesnes, etc. Security systems should be requested via +req/equip, and sphere-specific items must be requested through the relevant sphere.

Building Conventions

  • Every room's description should begin with %R%T and end with %R. Paragraphs should be broken up with %R%R%T in order to space them for easy reading.
  • All rooms should be @named with the Room Name - Build Name - City/Region/Realm - e.g. Main Room - Small Brick House - Fallcoast, or Main Room - Skeletal Lodge - Hedge
  • All Crow Hollow rooms are considered Hanging Hills.
  • All Boats get the appendix 'Marina' or 'Open Ocean' depending on where they are linked.
  • Every room should have an exit which functions as an Out exit, with an alias 'o,' so that if you get lost in a build, you can make your way back to the street.
  • While Fallcoast uses a standardized @drop/odrop/succ/osucc system, we do ask that a few things be set by you. It is asked that you set an @description on the entrance of your project (the exit leading in from the grid) and an @osucc message, so that people in the room you left will know where you've gone. We suggest an @fail and @ofail if your build has a locked exit, but these are also not required. An @desc on the entrance of the project does not need to be long. A line or two that describes what the project is, or looks like, is more than enough.
  • We ask that each build only have one exit to the main grid that goes into and out of the build. Alternate routes can be listed via +note or views. If your build already has more than one exit to the main grid, we're going to ask that people please choose the exit they want to keep and +note the other. Our grid is small and this allows us to have less clutter as we fill our grid with all of your awesome builds.
  • If and when grid rooms are added, they will only be N S E W, so the Cartesian map works. This also applies to other realms such as Underworld and Hedge -- the grid will remain an easily-navigable square.
  • Project Completion

    Build projects should ideally be completed before the build job goes overdue twice; this is usually more than enough time for the average PC house/build. If you need additional time, please just note this in your build job.

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