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In order to play a game, you have to know how. This pertains not only to the real world, but to MUing as well. For this reason, players are expected to have at least some degree of understanding of the core World of Darkness rules, as well as an understanding of the splat in which they intend to play. Players are not expected to have a perfect understanding, but should be capable of taking part in the splats RP without disrupting gameplay.

Players are REQUIRED to have a copy (in any format) of the World of Darkness Corebook and at least the core book of their splat. These books should be used as a reference during general play.

If the books are not available to you in some form or another, you are not eligible to play at Fallcoast. However, there are certainly ways for you to get the books.

This is a moderated game with theme, rules, Staff, and other players who are coming together to tell a story with some semblance of cohesion.

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