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There are 2 types of locations on the games grid, Public (those locations located on the +Hangout) and private (those locations owned by a specific PC and not listed on the +Hangouts). When looking for RP, scenes happening in any location noted on the +Hangout is open to join without permission of those involved. These areas of the grid represent an area that foot-traffic is common and expected. Though you do not have to ask permission, when joining a public location that is already populated by RP, it is best to offer those already present a round to pose and provide you with a scene set. This is just good RP manners.

Those areas that are not listed on the +Hangouts, such as private builds or private locations linked off of hangouts (like private offices, apartments, etc) are not considered 'public' and require permission from the owner or occupants prior to joining. This rule also applies to occupied Temp RP Rooms.

So, to sum it up,

  • Okay for Barging: Elysium, Tur, Freehold Commons, etc.
  • not Okay for Barging: Joebob's house, his private business, or any other place that would be considered private.
  • And finally, WHEN IN DOUBT, stay out! (And page and ask permission)