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Universal Application Standards

  • Please be sure to have a passing familiarity with the World of Darkness Core rules and with the Splat that you wish to play.
  • You should have access to at least the Corebook of the Sphere you're playing and the Corebook.
  • No PCs under the age of 18, or appearing/acting as minors are permitted.
  • No more than a single one in Attributes (after starting XP has been spent).
  • Some spheres have standards regarding how old a PC must be upon Becoming their super type - please check with your TL before applying.
  • All characters must have an @desc set; if they have some other type of desc (such as faedesc) that must also be set.
  • PK Rule - For one month after a character's approval from Chargen, they are not allowed to instigate or join in on a PK scene. ANY action taken directly or indirectly by a third party to instigate a fight that leads to a PK situation will be actionable. The only exception to this ruling that will be acceptable is pure self-defense. If attacked, a character may respond by defending themselves. All other situations involving 'early' PK will be met with a Retcon of the scene in question and a ban for the player.