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How Many Alts Can I Have?

Players can have unlimited alts, with the exception of:

  • You may only have two PCs per sphere, whether the PC is Supernatural or Half-Template.
  • In the Vampire sphere, you may may have any combination of Vampires, Ghouls and Thralls that you so desire, so long as the total number of characters does not exceed two.
  • In the Changeling sphere, you may have any combination of Changelings and Ensorcelled that you so desire, so long as the total number of characters does not exceed two.
  • In the Hunter sphere, even though members of Compacts (Tier Two) and Tier One Hunters are considered Mortal, you may only have a total of two PCs in any combination of Tier One, Tier Two, or Tier Three.
  • Supernatural Templates

    Changing Breed ● Changeling ● Mage ● Sin-Eater ● Possessed ● Promethean ● Purified ● Vampire ● Werewolf


    Beast-Kin ● Ensorcelled ● Ghoul ● Hunters ● Immortals (Blood Bathers, Body Thieves, Eternals, Patchwork People, Wardens) ● Proximus ● Psychic ● Thaumaturge ● Wolf-Blooded

    Originality and Alts

    On Fallcoast, each character must be original. This means that you may not play a character or person from history, a movie, a cartoon, or anything else. You must play your own, original work. We don't care if you want to play that PC you played in 1993 on that one Vampire game that had My Little Ponies as a setting element, but we do mind if you play the actual creator of My Little Ponies. If you have any questions about this, please ask.

    Staff-Played Characters?

    All staff must follow the exact same rules, with one exception: Teamleads may have a character in their own sphere, under the following rules:

    1. Their staff name is clearly marked in the character's +finger.
    2. Characters in spheres they TL can't hold any leadership positions. They are held to a high standard and if applicable beholden to Co-TL's and/or Headstaff for final decisions.
    3. Non-TL characters have the same rights and privileges as other players, tho are held to a higher standard.
    4. They observe all alt policy rules and maintain a high ethical stance when running stories.
    5. They may not involve themselves in any jobs involving their character.

    Also See: COI Policy