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XPREQ is a command designed to fill a single role: Allow quick calculation and requesting of spending experience points to your sphere staff. It will check as many things as it can but is not a silver bullet: Always check the output! This code will help but not replace all XP requests.

Currently, all XP values will generate into the code at the highest possible value. This is important for things like Affinity Contracts and Ruling Arcana, since the costs will be lower than the system default. In any case where the XP cost is different from standard, use the 'for <XP cost>' option, described below.

The fields <trait category> and <trait name> can be entered partially, to the best of the system's ability to comprehend. A list of these values can mainly be found in the command 'stat/list', detailed under '+help sheet'.

All spend requests, including those opened using the /job switch, will go to your most recent XP job opened within the last week.

Primary Format

+xpreq <trait category>/<trait name> to <new value>

<trait category>: attribute, skill, merit, etc.
<trait name>: name of the trait
<new value>: value you want the stat to be (validated as well as possible by the code)
There are a few traits which don't have a <trait category>. For those, use the following format

+xpreq <trait name> to <new value>

<trait name>: Willpower, Morality (and similar), supernatural power traits (such as Potency), possibly others.
If you have any reason to spend less than the normal XP cost, the command changes a little

... for <XP cost>=<reason>

<XP cost>: The amount you would spend, useful for teacher, supernatural discounts, and so on. If something costs less than the most it can cost, note it here.
If you are buying a trait that also requires further notes in the trait itself, like Language or Allies, add to the <trait name>

... <trait name>:<type> ...

<type>: The type of that trait, such as "French" for "Language", or "Kleptomania" for "Flaw"
(Warning: Some traits, such as some flaws, don't have a type. Instead, type in the entire trait name.)
To add notes to the staff explaining any part of the spend, at the very end use

... =<notes>

<notes>: Whatever you want to mention, but notes must be added if there is an <XP cost> that is not the default.
To put in a request for a Specialty, the code is slightly different
For example, if you wanted to put in a request for a 'Ghosts' specialty in Occult, the syntax would be +xpreq specialty/Occult:Ghosts

Continued (with examples) in: Game help:Xp spends 2