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Adding and Removing Stats

Do not use these without the permission of your Team Lead or Headstaff.

Stat categories: Agendas, Arcana, Armory, Aspects, Benediction, Bestowment, Blessing, Bloodline, Breed, Castigation, Ceremonies, Clan, Conspiracy, Contract, Covenant, Cult-Power, Cult-Rite, Devotion, Discipline, Ducheval, Dynasty, Elixir, Embeds, Endowment, Entitlement, Exploits, Family, Favor, Frailty, Freehold, Gift, Goblin, Incarnations, Keys, Kith, Legacy, Lineage, Lodge, Manifestation, Merit, Numina, Profession, Refinement, Relic, Renown, Respect, Rite, Ritual, Rote, Siddhi, Tactic, Thaumatechnology, Theban, Transmutation, Tribe, Vestment, and Vice-Power

stat/add <category>=<stat name>

Adds <stat name> to the <category> category.

stat/rem <category>=<stat name>

Removes <stat name> from the system.

stat/aspect <category>/<cost|level|access|power>=StatName/<aspect>

Changes a certain aspect of the stat.

COST: General cost of the stat, primarily used by Merits.

Example: stat/aspect merit/cost=Hollow Size/1 2 3 4 5
Example: stat/aspect merit/cost=Flaw - Derangement/-1

LEVEL: Stat's required level.

This is used for Goblin Contracts, Theban Sorcery and Werewolf Rites.
The syntax is identical to the above.
Example: stat/aspect goblin/level=Sight of Truth and Lies/1

ACCESS: Shows which spheres can access the stat.

Primarily used by Merits.
If multiple spheres can access the stat, use 'All' instead.
Example: stat/aspect merit/access=Danger Sense/All
Example: stat/aspect merit/access=Haven Size/Vampire

POWER: Allows you to specify power names for each level of an ability.

Example: stat/aspect discipline/power=Protean/3:Claws of the Beast
(This would show 'Protean 3 (Claws of the Beast)' on a +sheet)

See Game help:Staff sheet for how to set stats on player sheets.