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Sheet Commands

To Set Stats on Sheets

sheet/set <name>/<category>=<stat>:<value>

This adds <stat> to <name>'s sheet with <value> number of dots.
Stats in the Goblin, Rites, Rituals, Cult-Rites and Ceremonies categories do not require a <value>, because you can only buy them once/they have only a single dot level.
E.g. to set the goblin contract Sight of Truth and Lies on a character named Joleen, you would just type:
sheet/set joleen/goblin=sight of truth and lies

sheet/set <name>/merit=<merit name>:<value>/<comment>

As above, but this adds <comment> to the +sheet in ( ) to the right of the stat.
This is used exclusively for merits.
For example, Striking Looks requires a descriptor. To set a Striking Looks (Hideously Scarred) 1 merit on a character named Joleen, you would type:
sheet/set joleen/merit=striking looks:1/Hideously Scarred

It is worth noting that if the player already has a different dot level of the same merit on their +sheet, this will NOT replace that. You will need to remove the old instance of the merit first, then add the new one. The +xpreq command provides the text for this by default in the XP jobs players send in, so you can copy and paste.

sheet/set <name>/specialty=<skill>:<specialty>

To set a specialty, the category is 'specialty' and the value is the name of the specialty.
Specialties may only be set on Skills with a value of 1 or higher.

sheet/set <name>/tempattr=<attribute>:<+/- value>

Adjusts a player's temp attribute by the given amount. Set it to 0 to clear it.

willpower/mod <name>=<+/- value>

Adjusts a player's current permanent willpower up or down from its default by the given amount. Set it to 0 to reset it to default.
Example: Johnny is in a bad way, and his Willpower has a penalty for a while. Willpower is a "derived" stat, which means the system calculates the total based off of the numbers in his Attribute scores. We need to give a -1 penalty to that math, so we type:
willpower/mod johnny=-1

+rituals <name>=<value>

Sets a werewolf's Rituals value.

Approving a Sheet

sheet/approve <name>

Approves a character's sheet for roleplay.

Clearing a Sheet

sheet/wipe <name>

Clears a character's sheet so they can go back through character generation if they messed something up. This is only to be used on a never-approved character, not for a respec.

Syntax Notes


The syntax for this is MMM DD YYYY.
So, if you were to set someone's birthdate to June 12th 1964, then you would type:
sheet/set playername/birthdate=Jun 12 1964

How to Remove a Stat If for any reason you need to wipe out an Attribute or a Skill, use the regular sheet/set command and set it to 0.

To remove a merit/other stats, it's exactly the same as setting it in the first place, except you put a ! before the stat's name:

sheet/set <name>/merit=!resources:2

If an item has more than one instance, you must sheet/set exactly as it appears on the sheet, including the note, or you might remove the wrong one.

Contact headstaff/a TL/Codestaff if you ever run into trouble with something you can't remove. They are Wizards, and can access the attribute directly to correct any problems.


These are listed under the merit category.
Use -1 or -2 for their dot <value>, depending on the severity of the flaw.

See '+help stat' for how to use the stat command. See '+help stat 2' for how to add stats to the system. See '+help sheet 2' for how to view a player's sheet.