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  • +roll <pool>
  • +roll <pool>=<targets>
  • +roll/<switch(es)>=<pool>
  • +roll/<switch(es)>=<pool>=<targets>
  • /8, /9, /0 - 8-again, 9-again, no-again
  • /rote - Re-roll failed dice once
  • /perm - Roll permanent (base) stats
  • /weak - No-again and 1s subtract from successes
  • /literal - Show each die as it was rolled, in the order it was rolled
  • /extended - Extended roll, see '+help roll 3'
  • /ritual - Mage teamwork house-rules, see '+help roll 3'
  • /blind - Only shows rolls to targets and does not show to the person who rolled

Flags can be used in any combination and number with the better reroll between /8 and /9 taking precedence.

Switch Examples
  • +roll/8/rote/9=dex+crafts
(only /8 would be applied)
  • +roll/weak/perm=blood potency-3
(roll 'weak', so no rerolls on 10s and 1s take away succs, and use permanent stats)
  • +roll/literal/rote/8=int+academics
(roll 'rote' with 8-again and output the numbers in the order they were rolled)

For Pool and Targets see '+help roll 2', for Extended and Ritual rolls see '+help Roll 3'