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For help on using the jobs system, please see +jhelp commands or +jhelp player.

Requesting things on Fallcoast comes in three flavors for the initial request:

  • +request <title>=<text> - Submit a standard request to staff. Defaults to your sphere bucket, or if you are unapproved, to the generic REQ bucket. If it's to a particular staffer, please put ATTN: StafferName in the title.
  • +req/bug <title>=<text> - Submit a bug report.
  • +req/build <title>=<text> - Submit a Build request.
  • +req/city <title>=<text> - Submit a request for political or city action.
  • +req/complaint <title>=<text> - Submit a complaint readable only by Headstaff.
  • +req/cult <title>=<text> - Submit a job for Cult Staff.
  • +eqreq - Submit a request to purchase equipment. See the wiki for further instructions.
  • +req/family <title>=<text> - Submit a request for your family staffer.
  • +req/lair <title>=<text> - Submit a request for a new +lair or additions to an existing +lair.
  • +req/law <title>=<text> - Submit a request to the Cops and Robbers semi-sphere.
  • +req/pitch <title>=<text> - Submit an idea for consideration by staff.
  • +req/pledge <title>=<text> - Submit a request for a pledge.
  • +req/relic <title>=<text> - Submit a request for a Relic.
  • +req/rules <title>=<text> - Submit a request for a rules clarification.
  • +req/sphere <sphere>/<title>=<text> - Send a request to another sphere.
    • Available Choices: Werewolf, Feral (use for Changing Breeds), Geist, Possessed, Changeling, Vampire, Hunter, Mortal, Mortal+, Mage, Immortal.
  • +req/stat <title>=<text> - (Staff Use Only) Submit new stats or similar to add to the sheet system.
  • +req/web <title>=<text> - Site, wiki and forum-related requests.
  • +recc name=<text> - Submit a recommendation for another player.

Please be sure to use the correct command for your desired request to speed up processing.

Once the job is in, what do you do?! Well, check this out:

  • +myjobs - This command shows you a list of jobs that you have open.
  • +myjob ### - This will pull up the job based on the number you put in there.
  • +myjob/add ###=<text> - This will place a comment into the job. Please do this if you receive an @mail regarding something in your job, or need to append something to it!
  • +myjob/cc ###=<Name1> <Name2> <Name3> - This will add other players to the source of the job so they receive @mails and are able to access it.

For common staff commands, see Game help:request 2.