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Prefs is code that is meant to help people find likeminded RP partners.

  • +prefs
This command will show your preferences.
  • +prefs <name>
This command will show you someone else's preferences.
  • +prefs/list
This command shows you the list of available categories.
  • +prefs/set <category>=<1-5>
This command lets you rate from 1 to 5 how much you enjoy that kind of RP. Think of these ratings like stat dots. 1 is no interest, 2 is mild, 3 is neutral, 4 is interested, and 5 is significant. Roughly.
  • +prefs/note <note>
This code sets a note on your +prefs expanding or explaining anything you choose.
  • +prefs/note
By itself with nothing after the 'note', this command will clear your note.
  • +prefs/find <category>
Returns a list of individuals currently connected to who rates the specified category at 3+.