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The pose order machine tracks poses and alert when it's your turn.

+poseorder <toggle>
+poseorder/<switch> <input>


+poseorder <quiet/loud>
Should poseorder notifications be muted or loud. Loud means accompanied with beep(). Not all terminals process beep().
+poseorder <on/off>
Turn on and off poseorder notifications.


Display the current poseorder.
Clear the poseorder.
+poseorder/here <on/off>
Turn on and off poseorder processing for a room. Must own the room or be staff.
+poseorder/exclude <list of dbrefs or here>
Same as above, but takes a list and can be done remotely. Mostly for staff.
+poseorder/skip <name>
Skip the person given in the poseorder.
+poseorder/remove <name>
Remove the person given from the poseorder.