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Directory Commands

The +dir is a way to easily see businesses and other public gathering areas on the grid. If you are building a business, by default, staff will add you to this list when you are linked to the grid.


Lists all current directory locations.
+dir <location name>
Shows detailed information on a given location.
+dir/view <location>
Performs the same function as +dir <location name>

Additionally, the command allows users to sort and filter entries by heading and/or search term. The search will find any entry with that combination of characters under the specified heading.

Acceptable heading options are: category, coords, name, res

Synonymous with +dir.
+dir/list <heading>
Sorts by heading. Default: Category
+dir/list <heading>/<search term>
Searches <heading> for <search term>.

Heading List


What type of place is it? These are custom, but strive toward consistency. If your build doesn't fit a category already in use, feel free to suggest a new category to staff when you send in your business +req/build.


The grid coordinate the directory entry is located in.


Name of the location. Business name, if applicable.


Resources level required to patronize that location. For housing and/or apartment complexes, this is the Resources you need to live there.

For staff commands, please see Game_help:Dir 2.

For categories to use when submitting build information, please see Game_help:Dir 3.