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  • +comms - List all secondary job system jobs (comm only, at the moment)
  • +comm <Job #> - View a comm job.
  • +comm/cc <Job #>=<List of Players> - Add a list of players to the job. This no longer removes other players from the job. You can also do !<name> to remove a player. So !adam mary will add mary and remove adam but keep the other people existing in the list.
  • +comm/uncc <Job #>=<List of Players> - If you don't want to mess with the whole !<name> business, just use CC to add and UNCC to remove. This removes everyone in the list from the job.
  • +comm/open <Title>=<Message> - This opens a player only job for player communication.
  • +comm/add <Job #>=<Message> - This adds a comment to the job.
  • +comm/close <Job #> - This allows a player to close a job (COMM only) that they control.
  • +comm/leave <Job #> - This allows a player to leave a job as long as they are not the only person listed.
  • +comm/last <Job #>=<Count> - See the last <count> comments in a comm job.
  • +comm/due <Job #>=<MMM DD YYYY> - Set the due date for a comm job (ex. Jun 21 2013)
  • +comm/mails - Opt in and out of receiving @mails on +comm/add

+comms are not routinely monitored by staff and do NOT currently archive.