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These are the commands that are specific to the Changeling sphere on Fallcoast:


Mask/Mien Commands

  • +mask - This shows you your @desc.
  • +mien - This shows you your &faedesc.

The commands above cost nothing. They will function regardless of whether you have used the commands below to strengthen or shred your mask, and regardless of whether or not you have been approved, to help unapproved players view their faedesc more easily, and forgetful players to view their mask without spending Glamour.

Unlike +mask/look, these are explicitly intended as OOC helpmeets. Please still use +mask/look (if you are approved) if your character would be spending the Glamour point to ICly look at their human(ish) self!

  • +mask/strengthen - This strengthens the changeling's mask at the cost of 1 glamour.
  • +mask/normal - This returns the changeling's mask to normal.
  • +mask/shred - This shreds the changeling's mask, wiping out all glamour on their +sheet.
  • +mask/look <player> - Spend a glamour on your +sheet and see their mask. Works with 'me', as well.

Goblin Fruit System

The files here are given in more detail via +hh, the built-in helpfiles for the system.

(Staff, for each of those pages, add 2 after the name for your commands. i.e. +help hedgefruit 2)

Cheat Sheets

Setting Descriptions

To set your mien desc, use the &faedesc attribute.

  • &faedesc me=desc

To set your /short/ mien desc, use:

  • &short-mien me=desc

To set a Faedesc on a room:

  • &faedesc <obj>=<text> - This will set a description that only Lost, Fae-touched and Enscorcelled Mortals can see.