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Gabriel Trudeaux

Gabriel Trudeaux was born into a family of Thaumaturges. The Trudeaux bloodline traces itself back to France and are traditionally Apostles of the Dark One. The family, however, also has a tradition of blending with other strongly gifted Thaumaturgical families. Gabriel's own line is mixed with a family of Hedge Witches from Spain, while his cousin's line is mixed with Vodoun practitioners from New Orleans, Louisiana. Almost all Thaumaturges within the Trudeaux line have dual-path blended traditions. His family has had a long standing feud with the de Lorraine family, Ceremonial Magicians who look down on all other Traditions and find the Apostles and the Trudeaux bastardization of other traditions distasteful.

Outside of his familial entanglements and their feud, Gabe is a real estate developer. He purchases properties, generally out from under those who are about to have them foreclosed on, and renovates and redevelops the properties before reselling them. He's good at it. He has a silver tongue and a knowledge of the business that comes from years of education and practical experience. He's a little bit of a work-aholic and isn't above cheating a little, magically speaking, to turn the odds in his favor. Kennedy's folks recently sent her to Fallcoast to see if he could teach her some discipline and convince her to go back to school rather than spending all of her time partying. He hasn't been the particularly good influence that her folks had hoped he would be.

RP Hooks
  • Thaumaturge .. Gabe comes from a mixed bloodline from two families that historically share two different Traditions and has been raised in this mixed Tradition.
  • Real Estate Developer .. He purchases properties out from under struggling families and businesses and turn them around for profit, and he's not particularly remorseful about that.
  • Blackmail .. Want someone to hold dark secrets over your head? He's good at that.
  • Rafe .. You must be truly desparate to come to me for help.
  • Kennedy .. Your folks sent you to me thinking I would keep you out of trouble? Seriously?

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Full Name: Gabriel Trudeaux
Played By: Michael Malarkey
Appears As: Gabriel
Date of Birth: March 4, 1982
Apparent Age: Mid-30s
Occupation: Real Estate Developer
Virtue: Conviction
Vice: Sadism
Template: Thaumaturge
Tradition: Apostle of the Dark One
Hedge Witch


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