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G01 - Crow Hollow - Hanging Hills


Though this reservoir is ostensibly named the FDR Memorial Reservoir, no one who lives here actually calls it that. It's officially marked as such on Google Maps, but tourism brochures almost invariably call it Crow Hollow. The reason why becomes extremely abundantly clear even when driving across the top of the dam which separates the reservoir on the west from the ocean to the east: a permanent murder of crows has taken up residence here, their black bodies dotting treetops and flapping down to steal bits of roadkill regardless of season. The reservoir takes up hundreds of acres, flanked on the south by Hanging Ridge -- granite cliffs with hardscrabble pine trees that hang over the reservoir -- and on the north by Freedom Hill, a Revolutionary War fort site that's become a national park.

The park, including hiking trails branching off from the main trail that leads up to Dravin Point high on Freedom Hill, is open from dawn to dusk, though special events sometimes keep it open after dark. Crow Hollow, famously formed by drowning multiple towns, has a reputation for being haunted, after the unknown and unmarked graves turned up their dead when the dam began holding the water back, and attracting the crows in the first place.

Along the south and west sides, Hanging Ridge and beyond, small cabins to large getaways can be seen scattered through the trees. Some are of older make than others.

Places of Note