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Flaming Skulls Outlaw Motorcycle Club


Early Years
xxxxxThe Flaming Skulls Motorcycle Club formed in 1974 when the first United States soldiers were pulled out of Vietnam after Nixon announced the end of the United States' involvement. When many soldiers arrived back home, they found that they were less than welcome in their own country. Six soldiers from the same squad, William Bret, Rodrigo Lopez, Lloyd Souter, Maurice Clemson, Aaron Belsan, and Jay McCaleb formed the Flaming Skulls Motorcycle Club in their home state of New York, in the city of Syracuse.
xxxxxInitially founded as a means to blow off steam, soon the Flaming Skulls Motorcycle Club started following in the footsteps of older MCs like the Hell's Angels and Gypsy Jokers. They ran drugs and guns from a smuggler out of Halifax down to New York City, supplying weapons and drugs to the local gangs there. Perhaps a bit of an anomaly in the One Percenter sector of crime, the Flaming Skulls had no racial requirements to join; as such, they worked with whatever gangs and organizations gave them money, all the way to working for some of the Five Families in New York City.
xxxxxThe Flaming Skulls MC were largely still porters, however. It wouldn't be until the late eighties that the Flaming Skulls really came into their own.

Drugs, Guns and Money
xxxxxAfter working with and for other criminal organizations as a mix between hitmen and drug/gun runners, the Flaming Skulls' original chapter had enough money to invest in several fronts in New York that dealt with prostitution and human trafficking. They were able to buy off a group of the local teamsters in NYC to allow them to ship cocaine and heroin into New York around 1986 after organizing a mutually beneficial relationship with the Sinaloa Cartel.
xxxxxWith enough money backing them, and with more and more prospects willing to join, they managed to spread to most of the major cities in New York. This brought them into direct fire with the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club, another One Percenter club that had put its roots into New York state years before the Flaming Skulls formed at all.
xxxxxAll-out war broke out between the two groups, with the Hell's Angels using their New York chapter to egg on the chaos between two potential rivals. Despite gang warfare, the Flaming Skulls were still able to produce and complete their shipments of guns from their dealer in North Africa and their drug imports from their Sinoloa contacts on time and with success. This gave them an edge against the relatively unknown Kingsmen MC. Since the Sinaloa Cartel was known to be one of the most violent and vicious cartels, the Flaming Skulls were able to use the reputation of their allies against their enemies, forcing an end to the war, and pushing the Kingsmen out of Attica. There was a peace treaty (of sorts) set up with the Hell's Angels MC, and the Flaming Skulls found themselves with a good deal of money and backing to push their objective to other places.

Spreading to Other States
xxxxxThe first state outside of New York that had a Flaming Skulls chapter founded was Massachusetts. Seeing the potential of having a chapter near Boston, the MC worked to get in-roads with the local gangs and criminal organizations. They followed largely the same formula, rinse and repeat, and eventually spread through much of New England.
xxxxxThese days, there are splinter chapters in Georgia, South Carolina, and even Florida. Most of the east coast is covered. They've found it difficult to break west, but most of their contacts require them to use east coast shipping lanes to get their goods into the country. Without risking a war over territory in places like Chicago or Indianapolis without much of a gain, the Flaming Skulls have stuck to the east coast.
xxxxxThe newest chapter of the Flaming Skulls is in the city of Fallcoast, recently established over the last year. Aside from the chapters in Halifax and Toronto, this is about as far north as it gets for the Flaming Skulls. Despite that, Fallcoast has a large and affluent criminal sector, with a crime family and a lucrative black market that can easily bring in goods from overseas, making the transition into Fallcoast easier than most cities. Besides that, there were no other MC charters in the area to contest the Flaming Skulls' transfer into Fallcoast.

Paving the Way
xxxxxNow, the Flaming Skulls are looking for new blood. They typically go for anyone who's been combat-tested or battle-ready, and usually have some respect for soldiers. Similar to a lot of 1%er MCs, the Flaming Skulls are pretty patriotic. The disenfranchised are brought in as prospects to become fully-patched members, and usually have spilled a little blood before they get their patch and rocker.
xxxxxThe Fallcoast charter is making in-roads to the local criminal groups now, attempting to bring the Flaming Skulls' specialized skill-set to some of the other groups in exchange for wealth and power over the region.

Recruiting Status
Looking for new prospects and incoming bikers from other states, also looking for people that will take up slots in the local club who would otherwise be NPCs. The Flaming Skulls accepts anyone of any racial background, and also has women among their membership, not as just old ladies. Pretty much anyone and everyone is welcome to join. This includes members of the various spheres; if you have some kind of reason why your character would be involved with the MC (like being a Bride of Dracula or wannabe-Bruja, or possibly a Changeling Tolltaker biker), mention that in your application. Otherwise, anyone's free to get patched in after being a prospect upon approaching the club.
Positions in the FSMC
  • President (Status 3): NPC
  • Vice-President (Status 3): NPC
  • Sergeant-at-Arms (Status 2): Cowboy
  • Secretary (Status 2):
  • Treasurer (Status 2):
  • Road Captain (Status 2):
  • Assistant Road Captain (Status 1):
  • Enforcers (Status 1):
  • Riders (Status 1):
  • Prospects (Status 0):

xxxxxLike any outlaw biker gang, the Flaming Skulls are run on a democratic system, comprising a board of members that will vote or otherwise speak for anything the club needs to do. This can be anything from buying up property to patching in new members to starting a war with a rival criminal organization. Typically, the board is represented by the President, Vice-President, Sergeant-at-Arms, Secretary, Treasurer, and Road Captain. Some other members may be allowed in, usually if there's a crew of riders that'll work together (in which case they'll elect a spokesman for themselves). Here's what all the positions mean and do:
xxxxxThe President of the Flaming Skulls Motorcycle Club is the leader of the chapter in Fallcoast. He's the club's figurehead and usually the spokesman when dealing with the cops or media. The president is the chairman at club meetings and represents the chapter if there's ever a national meeting.
xxxxxSecond to the President, the Vice-President is second-in-command and fills in for the President when the prez is away. Typically, they're heirs to the chapter if the prez ever dies or decides to retire from active duty, so family is not uncommon. The Vice-Prez is also the person who ensures that votes carried at meetings are carried out by the members.
xxxxxA Sergeant-at-Arms is the club's main enforcer. Typically the most blooded of the chapter, the Sgt is in charge of security at chapter events, and typically is in charge of back-ups (code for attacks on rivals). The Sergeant-at-Arms also has an added duty of maintaining the chapter's stock of firearms and other weapons, making them something of a quartermaster.
xxxxxThe Secretary is responsible for recording everything done by the chapter. He or she will keep minutes on meetings, records of significant events in the chapter's history, and organizes certain events within the club (such as parties for anniversaries of when new members got their patches). The secretary is also in charge of keeping tabs on chapter assets, and works closely with the Treasurer.
xxxxxAs it sounds, the Treasurer takes care of the club's financials. They collect debts owed, figure out where racketeering should probably occur, and generally handles all the dirty money and knows how to launder it so it can be used for relatively useful methods (and prevents the feds from doing a RICO case against the club). Sometimes the Treasurer and the Secretary will be combined if there aren't members with specific skills to fill both rolls.
xxxxxRoad Captains are in charge of logistics. They know the roads, highways, byways, backroads and so on like the back of their hands. They'll be able to figure out what's the best way to travel through a given area without attracting too much attention from police or rival gangs. On rides, Road Captains ride at the front with the President and Vice-President, and are in charge of attempting to protect them while they travel. Road Captains are one of the few members that are fairly influential, but aren't considered an 'executive' position.
xxxxxTypically, a Road Captain will have one or more Assistant Road Captains that help them out with logistics. These are usually riders, but they typically act as a mix of devil's advocate and second opinion to the Road Captain if he needs it. They'll also usually ride as rear-guard to the group, keeping an eye out for any rival gangs that might be coming up behind the pack.
xxxxxEnforcers are around to help the Sergeant-at-Arms. While any member of the Flaming Skulls is expected to commit a little mayhem and get some blood on their hands, even the prez and vice-prez, the Enforcers are expected to do it. They're usually the ones that stand guard, watch out at events, and will be the first to pick up the gun when someone needs killin'.
xxxxxRiders are your average bikers. They're fully patched-in members and are considered brothers and sisters to the rest of the club. In large chapters, like in Syracuse, the riders will usually divvy up into crews under assistant road captains who'll direct them based on their skills. Some riders are really good at shooting. Some are good at picking locks and cracking safes. This is your all-around criminal member, fully awarded status in the club.
xxxxxFinally, the Prospects are the club's next generation. They're little better than hangers-on, but they perform a lot of the duties that the other members of the chapter would rather not. Prospects are still expected to get their hands dirty to prove their loyalty to the club. It depends on chapter to chapter for how long the prospect period lasts (the Atlanta Chapter is notorious for making it last as long as possible), but it will usually take as long as it needs to in order to make sure that the Prospect is worthy of getting patched in. Once this happens, a ceremony is held where the Prospect gets their kutte, and they're given their patch and rocker, usually resulting in a bacchanalia afterwards.

Flaming Skulls MC Logs
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        At a Glance
        Notable Members

        Status •••••
        William Bret, President of Mother Chapter, Syracuse
        Maurice Clemson, Vice-President of Mother Chapter, Syracuse

        Status ••••

        Status •••

        Status ••
        Cowboy, Sergeant-at-Arms

        Status •

        NPC Retainers


        A little bird mentioned that the Flaming Skulls are working with the Scaccia family. It's unclear what the gang's going to do for them, but something like that does not bode well for the Kingsmen who're trying to muscle into Fallcoast, having mafia backing.

        Flaming Skulls

        Associated Sphere: Crime

        Recruiting Status: Yes