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Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

– Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Full Name: Fernanda Delacoeur
Birthdate: Nov. 2, 1872
Apparent Age: Late 20s/early 30s
Occupation: Philanthropist
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Wrath

Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Bloodline: Lynx
Ghouls:  ?
Thralls:  ?

Status (Mekhet): 1
Status (Crone): 1
Status (Praxis): 1

Midnight Melodies

Digital Daggers - "Bleed for Me"

You won't hear the footsteps
But I'll be following
You won't feel the shadows
But they'll be closing in
You won't see me coming
But I'll rip you at the seams
You won't touch the silence
But you can hear the screams

You won't taste the poison
Hidden in my kiss
You won't face the darkness
So I'll just walk right in
You can't outrun the wicked
I'll keep you standing still
You refuse to be the hunted
But I'm out for the kill

So I creep
To watch you bleed for me
So I creep
To watch you bleed for me
Bleed for me
Won't you bleed for me
On your knees for me
Won't you bleed for me

Relative Truths

Vampire - Fernanda is one. To date, not an especially ambitious member of the species, as regards their own internal politics. She has her comforts, her hobbies, servants to clean up her messes; power will come, in time.
Mekhet - Not quite up to Daeva standards of dark social butterfly-dom, but she's at least a luna moth. Voyeurism is a given; watching the troubles others get themselves into is an eternal delight.
Lynx - Networking. She loves it, and (un)lives it. Are you a useful node? Social networking is one of her specialties.
Circle of the Crone - As in life, so in death. She was inclined toward similar beliefs while she was still among the living, and if anything, her rebirth as one of the Kindred has only confirmed long-held perspectives.
Philanthropist - She doesn't bruit it about, but she regularly donates to children's charities, hospitals and education services.
(Great)(Grand)Mother - Want a (dead) grandma? At this point, we're going on a handful of 'greats' in there, but she did have two children before she successfully ceased to live. The female line is descended from Italy, and, Fernanda formerly included, often exhibited minor psychic quirks. Her inquiries are discreet, her surveillance likewise unobtrusive, but she keeps detailed and meticulous records of all descendants, and is very likely to meddle. Pity she's a also sadist. Aim to behave.
...or bring geese - Shhh. Even the otherwise dignified undead are allowed to have irrational fears!

There are no secrets that time does not reveal.
– Jean Racine

Clan mekhet.pngCovenant circle of the crone.png


Covenant ordo dracul.png Eydis - Mine for three nights. She has her freedom. What will she do?
Mortal.png ??? - ???.

25px Neferet - Ancient Mekhet. Tentatively trusted. Honeyed words may hide her sting.
Mortal.png ??? - ???.

Free Section
Covenant carthian movement anti-obstructionist army.pngCovenant carthian movement paranormal phenomena investigations.pngCovenant carthian movement sabotage artists.png Whitechapel - Possessed of a raging freedom boner. Possibly obsessed with naughty baked goods.

Covenant lancea sanctum.png Basil - Fellow educator of barbarians.
Covenant lancea sanctum.png Deirdre - Seneschal. Potential sister in meddling, though certainly not in spiritual beliefs...
Covenant ordo dracul.png Erik - Viking. Eydis' (former) regnant.
Vampire.png Mina - Eyes.
Covenant lancea sanctum.png Neria - Former Primogen. Fate has a sense of humour.
Covenant circle of the crone.png Ryuhei - Former Primogen. Fascinating in motion.


Broad Topics

  • OOC Communication/Feedback - I will do this. A lot. I hope you will, too. I want to know if anything I am doing is making you uncomfortable, and if it is, I want to stop it.
Fernanda is a civilized monster, but she IS still a monster. She will push limits. Forcing someone down an unanticipated path can be wonderful fun, IC, but everyone's fun comes in a different shape.
  • Physical Combat - Do not want. If it happens, it happens, but I will go out of my way to avoid it. It isn't what I made Fernanda to explore.
  • Politics - Please! Yes. They are fun. Even being on the losing end of an equation can be fun, if the story is compelling enough.
  • Deity Disagreements - Andy is in the Circle. She has nothing in particular against the Lancea Sanctum, beyond the fact that, ah, its people tend to attempt to purge those with her beliefs from the face of the planet. I love lively debates and the tensions which can underlie otherwise civilized discussions!
  • Dominate - Do not want. I have absolutely no interest in being, or owning, a mind-controlled pet, for fornication purposes or otherwise.
This is a hard limit.
I have had some nasty experiences with folks using this sort of ability, and my knee-jerk reaction is to NOPE out of any situation which involves it unless it is discussed with me before-hand and done with my full OOC consent.
  • Sex - See above: no interest in sexual pets. Of course feeding scenes will happen (and be yummy), and there's nothing wrong with sex, but I'm here to play a political undead monster performing creepy blood rituals, not collect an array of supernatural hookups... :) If it happens, it happens, but I don't really enjoy it unless it is the side effect of a longer-term story.
  • Blood Bonds - I staff here on Fallcoast, and I own/operate an entirely separate MU* of my own, so I can't commit to RP every single day, and very often won't get time for more than a scene a week. If you need a regent/domitor who is a huge part of your day to day life, we won't be compatible. Much sadness. But! If you are an alt-aholic or otherwise enjoy the prospect of being a more independent sort, these sorts of relationships are fun. :D


  • Thralls - Political connections are useful. Minor template variations on mortals are also useful, since who wouldn't want a helpmeet who could 'help' things 'meet' with psychic powers or low magic?
Fernanda is most interested in intelligent people to broaden her network of influence. You don't need to be pretty! Granted, being useful AND pretty IS a perk... ;)


  • Curiosity - As a general rule, Fernanda is curious, but simultaneously massively indifferent to the various supernaturals around the city. No knowledge is wasted
She has no interest in interfering in any politics beyond the auspices of the Kindred, and operates on a "(un)live and let (un)live" policy.
  • Utility - Do you have useful magical items? Can you do things for her she can't do herself? Chat her up! Strike a deal.

Curriculum Vitae
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Interviewing Bianca
  • (2018.01.29)
Manners at the Makai
  • (2018.02.23)
Masquerade - Dark Enchanted Forest
  • (2020.09.26)
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