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Vanity plays lurid tricks with our memory.
~ Joseph Conrad; Lord Jim (1900)


xxxxxSome years back, a woman stumbled out of the Hedge into the Fallcoast Freehold. The tattoo on her mien's arm showed her to be an escapee from the Compass Rose. She remembered little of her time in Arcadia, except visions of torment and fear, and rumors persist to this day that she may in fact have been a torturer in her Keeper's service. Yet even if it is true, that is unlikely to have been her only function, given the seductive form she was given.

xxxxxNeeding to find a way to provide for herself, she eventually fell to applying her dimly-remembered experiences from her Durance, and started earning money as a dominatrix. This led her to realize what a fine line can lie between Fear and Desire, and after some hesitation, she focused on the former, joining the Autumn Court.

xxxxxThere, she found her calling within the Freehold: She knew that some of the Lost had not just been traumatized by Arcadia, but so twisted by their Keeper that part of them actually missed their servitude. Fearful and ashamed, they would almost always try to hide and repress such thoughts. Felina considers this a source of festering weakness. Using her professional skills, her oneiromancy, or any other required method, she tries to help these Lost to confront their darkest, most feared desires, to make them understand and accept them for what they are, all the while maintaining their discretion. Only thus, she believes, can they be protected against the influence and manipulation of their former Keepers.

xxxxxOf course, a fascination with Durances and bondage is not exactly an uncontroversial pursuit even for the Leaden Mirror, and there are quite a few whispers that Felina in fact merely wishes to relive the cruelty she wielded during her own Durance, or is acting out of some misguided desperation to atone for what she did then.


xxxxxTall and slender, this woman nonetheless has a gracefully feminine figure. Fiery red curls fall about an attractive face, her features stern yet enticing, her eyes a deep, dark brown. Her makeup is usually subtle but well-applied, some colorless lipgloss, red nail varnish and a touch of eyeshadow. She moves with a certain willowy grace, her statuesque figure never giving her the awkward gait that some tall people suffer from.


xxxxx Long legs, feminine curves and copper-gleaming skin all combine to create this tall, demonically attractive Fairest. Her long hair glows a rich red and gold, exuding a faint scent of fallen leaves. Her eyes are solid black, eyeball, iris and all, fitting her stern yet enticingly beautiful features and her coal-dark lips. Her long, sharp fingernails are also a jet black color, light reflecting sharply on their surface. Her upper right arm is tattooed with the symbol of a compass rose.


KinkIcon.png Dominatrix: In her mortal life, this is both a profession and a passion. She is not the most notorious or expensive of her class, but she has her small cadre of clients, and will also show up at clubs and scene meetings.

KinkIcon.png Unorthodox Therapist: Changelings must usually pay little beyond small favors for her services, as she sees it as a way to expurgate their more dangerous desires and vulnerabilities. Whether this actually takes place in a dungeon, or rather a dream or a simple chat in her room, depends a lot on the Changeling that approaches her.

KinkIcon.png Autumn Court: She belongs to the Leaden Mirror, and is very interested in exploring the mysteries it offers, both the secrets of Fear and the magic of Contracts.

KinkIcon.png Spring Court: Her work has as much to do with Desire as with Fear, and so unlike some Autumns, she is very interested in the Antler Court, and wants to find contacts and possibly friends within its ranks.

KinkIcon.png The Compass Rose: Did you or someone close to you serve the Compass Rose? Perhaps you have some common history with Felina, or even a grudge to bear.

KinkIcon.png Former Life: It is unlikely anyone in Fallcoast remembers Millicent Wells, the student from New York who passed through town in 2000 and fell mysteriously ill, before recovering just as mysteriously and moving on. But perhaps you met her at the time, in which case Felina might seem strangely familiar..


Changeling the lost.png Mae - Odd, a little monstrous, and adorable.

Changeling the lost.png Aileen - There are flames burning within this ice queen. And her handicraft is quite impressive.

Changeling the lost.png Lucinda - Utterly captivating, in herself and in her art. This is why I like Spring so much.


Seeming fairest.pngCourt autumn.pngEpochs Icon.png

Vital Stats

Full Name: Felina Blake
Appears As: Felina
Birth Date: 1 July, 1980
Apparent Age: Mid-20s
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust
Sphere: Changeling
Court: Autumn
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Succubus
Entitlement: Epochs of the Balefire
Keeper: The Compass Rose
Motley: None yet.

Notable Stats

Skills Of Note
SKILL •••••
SKILL •••••
SKILL •••••
Striking Looks ••
Autumn Mantle ••
Spring Goodwill
Wyrd ••


Ivy Levan ~ Hot Damn
I've got that real good good and you know it don't come cheap.
A pretty penny, a pretty penny, a pretty penny, you like what you see.
You wanted real bad bad but you still, you still want more (you still want more)
Looking at me, looking at me and baby knocking down my door.