Felicette Marrow

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Full name: Felicette ~Whispered Steps~ Marrow
Birthdate: Feb 14
Apparent Age: mid 20's
Virtue: Conviction
Vice: Hot-Headedness
Race: Werewolf
Auspice: Irakka
Aspect: Resourceful
Tribe: Storm Lord
Lodge: None yet
Pack: Seeking
Occupation: Naturally Rich/Second Story Woman
Notable Effects:

Just beneath her shoulders along the tender flesh of her chest just above that full swell of her breasts twin tattoos of sparrows sweeping down in flight can be seen. The woman's right bicep holding that rose vine working it's way to wreath a skull that faces the world beyond. Across her left bicep along that flesh just beneath her shoulder and stretching down to her elbow flowers can be found wreathing the image of a gypsy woman in profile upon her arm. Along her right forearm, the young woman has a beautifully done piece that looks to show a vine working along her flesh and little roses here and there crawling up along her arm. Along the flesh of her left forearm a depiction of a skeletal woman can be found dancing upon a field of flowers and ivy that stretches and wraps along her arm up to the elbow. Across her stomach in an elegant script the word Wild Child can be found tattooed into her soft honeyed flesh.

Roleplay Hooks
Werewolf(Fellow Shifters/Wolfblooded): Born and raised in the culture.
Local(All): She has lived her since her birth, even if she travels for work from time to time, she always returns.
Second Story Woman(Criminals): She might not be all that well known but that is the point isn't it? To be under the radar. Though to those who have worked with her, she is immensely skilled.