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xxxxxWhilst not an appreciably tall individual, standing at around five and a half feet, this olive-complected man manages to radiate a great deal of confidence and authority with only his presence. Thick, dark brown hair is kept short and stylish, matching his somewhat bushy eyebrows and thin beard. His eyes, though small and subtly recessed into his face, are a bright and pale green colour that radiates vibrance, tempered by a calculating intelligence. His long, strong nose has a proud aquiline appearance and is rather bulbous, as though it had been broken and re-set on a handful of occasions.

xxxxxHe favours contemporary, if somewhat conservative, styles of dress. Frequently wearing suits of dark colours, he never seems to be afraid to splash a little colour or complexity in his choice of dress shirt. No matter the style, he is always presented with an air of sophistication and class.

Titles and Kindred Information
Fabian Valentine
Criminal Investor
Apparent Age: Mid-Late 20s
Approx. Height: 5'6"
Approx. Weight: 135 pounds
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Greed

Vampire the requiem.pngCovenant invictus.pngClan ventrue.png
OOC Information
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Invictus

Formal —  Alder Meister, Alder Comissioner, or Alder Groom (when speaking to him, the title of function varying depending on what hat you want him to wear), Alder Valentine (when speaking of him) (Default)
Familiar —  Alder Fabian
Intimate —  Fabian
Submissive and Exceedingly Formal are not public knowledge.

RP Hooks
  • Ancient — He is among the oldest, if not the most ancient, creature in Fallcoast. It's possible that other long-lived specimens may have met him.

  • Europe — Aside from a little nap during the 20th century, Fabian has been all over Western Europe.

  • Vampire — Fabian is a rather flighty member of Fallcoast's Praxis, but he's a bloodsucker none the less.

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