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FC05 - County Road 213 - Greater County Area


Yawning nearly sixty miles from Hanging Hills to the east towards Eagle Springs to the west is County Road 213, a winding four lane highway cut into the rolling hills of Maine. As its fading asphault curves ascend into the mountains, passing a scattering of Mega-Marts, gas stations, and Cracker Barrels that intersperse the sprawling farmlands to the north, the road narrows to two lanes at the halfway mark and develops into full-blown woodlands from the Blackridge Forest to the south.

Along the western stretches of County Road 213, the occasional dirt road crops up along the journey, most leading north towards Plainsfield, but a few gravel driveways lead into campsites or trailer parks on the outskirts of Eagle Springs. Out here this far in the woods, traffic is light even at peak hours, and late at night the roads are barren and dark.

Places of Note