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There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand.
~ Mary Shelley


xxxxxEvelyn Abernathy is the product of an occultist father who married a Rahu werewolf, and is one of several children born to that union. For the first sixteen years of her life, she grew up in the area, taking a little ore after her father than her mother, but at the age of sixteen her parents divorced, and Evelyn was taken to Boston with most of her siblings.

xxxxxThere, her only constant Abernathy contact was her cousin and best friend, Viktor, though she did spend time back here in the summers. Meanwhile, she started having problems with spirits paying way too much attention to her, picking up on the fact that she naturally carried more potential essence than most, but the sort that would only get released if she was killed. Meanwhile, what began as a hobby of making jewelry started to become a vocation. After high school, Evelyn apprenticed to a Master Jeweler in the Boston area, and also took the occult studies she'd picked up from her father to learn to craft relics.

xxxxxIn 2015 or so she came back to town, having returned with her cousin Viktor, and opened up a shop called Bats In The Belfry, which specialized in Goth jewelry and other specialist pieces. However, she wound up slipping away again the following year, and hasn't been seen again until now. She's back, though it remains to be seen if she'll reopen Bats In The Belfry or not.


Dot black.png Gothling: Pale as the moon, with purple-streaked black hair? Check. Dresses in dark shades? Check. Spooky attitude? Check.

Dot black.png Crafter: By profession, Evelyn is a crafter, though her style runs towards Goth creations. She owns a shop called Bats In The Belfry where she sells jewelry, leatherworked items and even some weapons, and takes custom orders for such items as well.

Dot black.png Relic Creator: Some of those "custom orders" are quite esoteric. Those with sufficient ties in the occult community might know that she is a creator of magical items.

Dot black.png Occultist: In addition to making relics, Evelyn is, herself, extremely well versed on matters of the occult.

Dot black.png Abernathy: Given all of the above, it may not come as a shock that Evelyn is an Abernathy. She grew up in Fallcoast until the age of sixteen. After her parents' divorce, she was taken to Boston, but has now returned.

Dot black.png Wolf-blooded: Evelyn's mother was one of the Forsaken, and she was raised knowing of her heritage, though some things are vague to her understanding.

Dot black.png Essence Vessel: Also, spirits sometimes think she looks tasty.

Dot black.png Spirits: More recently, between leaving and returning, Evelyn's eyes became opened and now she finds herself able to see and speak to Spirits, which helps in avoiding getting chomped.

Dot black.png Psychic: Another, even more recent development. Due to events on one very confusing rainy afternoon, Evelyn now finds herself with electricity literally in her fingertips. It's... electrifying.

Contacts: Wolves and Blooded

BloodCircleIcon.png Dutch - Mate. The big, bad wolf. Not actually so bad, though, even if we do appear to be a damned odd couple. It makes sense to us, and that's the important part.

BloodCircleIcon.png Gunnar: Former alpha. A good, frigging huge, man, and an excellent Dad.

BloodCircleIcon.png Roman: Like a big brother. Once pack, future pack.

BloodCircleIcon.png Nina: New to all of this, working to fit in.

BloodCircleIcon.png Paz: All grown up, and I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.

Contacts: The Rest

BloodCircleIcon.png Lomax: Literally tripped over him in my alley, but he's going to turn out to be a useful contact and ally. Ally in the alley.

BloodCircleIcon.png Viktor: Cousin, once intended to be roommate, but that never did quite work out. Still a good, if strange, egg.

Contacts: The Fallen

BloodCircleIcon.png Kaheya: Unexpectedly, a friend. Look forward to working with him.

BloodCircleIcon.png Waneek: Kaheya's little sister, general feisty little pup. I like her. Also, she makes magic things, too.

BloodCircleIcon.png Ginger: Must get to know her better. The red-haired female wolf.

BloodCircleIcon.png Jerry: He is... absolutely adorable.

BloodCircleIcon.png Free: Intimidating. Possibly not entirely sane.

BloodCircleIcon.png Kharn: What the hell?

BloodCircleIcon.png Seraphine: An acquaintance from Boston, now transplanted here. That guy was just a jerk.

BloodCircleIcon.png Kilo: Free's wife... I like her. Possible business partner and teacher of the ways of ink.







Vital Stats

Full Name: Evelyn Abernathy
Appears As: Evelyn
Birth Date: May 10, 1990
Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Occupation: Jeweler, shop owner
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Pride
Sphere: Wolfblooded
Affiliation: Abernathy Family
Nicknames: Ev, Eve, Evi, Evil, Bats (add your own, it's a collection)

Notable Stats

Attributes Of Note
Resolve ••••
Dexterity ••••
Stamina ••••
Skills Of Note
Blacksmithing, Carving, Jeweler,
Leatherworking, Silversmithing, Tattoos
Relics, Spirits
Professional Training (Jeweler) •••••
Wolfblooded •••••
Fenris-Ur's Blood ••
Gibbous Moon's Birth (Occult) ••
Pack Bond
Essence Vessel


Digital Daggers - Come Crashing
Hear your thunder calling from a distant sky
Want to feel I've known this for a thousand lives
When the heavens fallen and I see the light
taken from my slumber, from a dream I've died
from a dream I've died... bring me back to life.