Eve Mendes

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Word On The Street

Psychic It started as reading minds, then telepathy, then animal minds, and continued to grow from there. She's got more than a few tricks up her sleeve and is eager to learn more.

Enchanted Eve has been able to see the Lost for some years now (Enchanted Mortal ••) . Long enough to know the basics, not so long that she's unfazed by it all.

Dreams There's rarely a night that goes by without the nightmares. She's managed to at least find meaning in her nightly visions (Dream •), but she wants to learn more and find a way to sleep peacefully once again.

Animals They're easier to get along with than people. More honest, too. It's clear that she has a strong connection and affinity for them.

Exploration Mostly an urban explorer, she loves sneaking into abandoned and forgotten places. Occasionally she can be found in the sewers (Tunnel Rat ••), finding the quickest routes to travel underneath Fallcoast.

Crime Small time currently, mostly theft and being a fence. Just enough to pay the bills and fund her true interests. Still, she's wants to hone her skills and is up for a challenge with the right motivation.

Goodwill Pledged to the Freehold, she's interested in learning more about all the courts and even more interested in gaining favor in all the various courts.

☼ Her eagerness and athleticism has recently earned her some traction with the Summer Court (Goodwill •)

Connections Made

Augustus - Animal companion. Loves people and food.

Hawthorn - Friend maybe? Augustus enjoys him.


Apparent Age Early Twenties
Virtue Compassion
Vice Paranoia
Profession Occultist
Sphere Mortal+/Changeling
Defining Merit Mind Reading

Wits •••••
Dexterity •••••
Investigation •••••
Occult ••••
Athletics •••••
Larceny •••••
Stealth ••••
Animal Ken ••••• (Rats, Canines)
Empathy •••••
Streetwise •••••
Unseen Sense ••• (Changeling Contracts)
Mortal.png SecondSight.png Changeling the lost2.png CrimeLogo.png