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Security Systems


“Or what? Are you gonna release the hounds, or the bees, or the hounds with bees in their mouths so everytime they bark at you they shoot bees at you? Go ahead, do your worst. ” – Homer Simpson

xxxxxOkay, you got your stuff. You got your place to keep your stuff. What if someone wants to take your stuff? Eff that. You don't want that. What you need is some security. Perhaps a security system, even.

What can I get?

Consult World of Darkness: Armory, p. 179-183. Those are your options. Some rules:

  • How awesome a system you can get is limited to your resource level. Someone's got to pay for it. No combining resource levels on this one, due to the specificity of the features.
  • You must have the resources to buy the most costly feature in your security system package. That means if you want a feature that's available in an advanced system, such as access tracking, you need an advanced system and resources 4 to pay for it.
  • Your security system can have any of the features of the less expensive systems. If you have a Bleeding Edge system, you can have Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced features, too.
  • A security system counts as an equipment spend; it's considered an item, just like everything else. They're not freebies.
    • Clarification: Counts as an equipment spend in that you require an amount of resources to afford the purchase, not that it is added to your +inv or that you use +eqreq for it.

Custom Items

Custom items for you!

Video Surveillance
Moved from Advanced (••••) to Intermediate (•••).
Window Bars (••)
These steel bars cover your windows, barring entry. Durability 3, Structure 5.
Window Shutters (•••)
These steel shutters cover your windows, barring entry, line of sight, and most attacks. Durability 3, Structure 7.

Staff Security

  • Required: Resources 3+. At Res 3 you can afford 2 security personal, at Res 4 you can afford 4, and at Res 5, 6 security personnel will be available at each shift. Security Staff obtained in this manner, are hired for the protection of ones home/business/lair. They work for a security company that pays them, and they work within the law. They are not personal executioners or thugs, and asking security to do illegal or possibly even quasi-legal things may result in them taking their business elsewhere.
  • If you are a Supernatural Template your mooks may be a minor template following all the same limitations, with perhaps one minor power if applicable (1 dot of Vigor for example). In all situations, Security Staff are tied to a location, they are not personal guards that follow you around out and about.
  • This does count as equipment, rather than a merit, so it doesn't cost XP.

Setting Security +Notes

  • Put in an equipment request.
Mention what level of security you're going for. Tell us the features you want, but don't bother with the details. Those go into a +note. Tell us what room you're setting the note in.
  • Set a +note.
A +note is set just like a +view, only with the word 'note' instead of 'view'. A note is also something only the owner of the room or staff can see. Security systems use +note because they're usually concealed. If there are visible security cameras, feel free to mention them in the room's @desc or in a +view.
Guidelines for setting a security system +note:
Note what level security system it is. Basic? Bleeding Edge?
List the features. Describe how the feature is implemented; if you have key-card access, the +note should say which doors require the key-cards. If you have motion-sensor lights, where are they located?
Tell us who has access to what. Who has keys? All employees? Managers only? Retainers only? Specific PCs? (You may want to look at +help locks for locking doors to certain PCs.)
Use the terms in the book. They're the ones in that list up above. It makes it easier for us to review if we don't have to figure out what something you listed is as a feature. Happy equipment staff is good equipment staff. The easier it is, the faster we can do it.
Say you own Happy Corp and you've got a Happy Corp building on the grid. Happy Corp makes educational toys, by the way. Not that that's important.
Security System, Advanced ••••
Access Tracking: All key card use is logged.
All Doors, All Windows: All doors and windows have alarms.
Key Cards: All employees have key cards. These are required to access the corridors branching off the seating areas located just off the elevators, blocking non-employees from accessing the cube farm and offices without an employee accompanying them.
Lights and Siren: Unauthorized entry triggering alarms results in whooping sirens.
Video Surveillance: The lobby is under surveillance.
Keep in mind you don't have to have all the rooms mentioned in your security system actually built with code. Much like how we pretend things like vampires and werewolves exist, we also pretend hallways, elevators, and cube farms are in buildings even if they're not coded up. Similarly, you don't need a +note in every room that actually is built. Just the first room of a build is fine.
  • Have us approve and lock the +note. Tell us what room it's in. 'The lobby of my dog grooming business' is fine, though we love it when you room's #dbref; if you don't know the #dbref of your room, it's listed next to the room when you type '@search'.
  • Profit. If only.

System Features

Basic ••
Lights and Sirens
Motion Sensor Lights
Two Windows, Two Doors
Window Bars*
Intermediate •••
All Doors, All Windows
Off-Site Access
Panic Button
Video Surveillance*
Window Shutters*
Advanced ••••
Access Tracking
Changing Codes
Fingerprint Biometrics
Key Cards
Bleeding Edge •••••
Full-Body Biometrics
Pressure Pads
Safe Room

 * Items marked with an asterisk are custom.

What can't I get?

  • People. See: guards. Equipment staff deals with things. People are not things, and if you think they are, we need to have a little chat about words like 'slavery'. If you want guards, you need Retainer or Staff, and you need to put in XP Spends for those.


Guard Dogs. Dogs are people, too. Or at least animal retainers, as far as the rules go.


Ask Whitewater.