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Emily Cavanaugh


Name: Emily Cavanaugh
Height: 5'2"
Build: Coke bottle
Age: 20-ish
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Pride
Sphere: Possessed
Clutch: Fallcoast Society for Esoteric Epicureanism

Possessed.png      Sin symbol pride by larsjack.png

Her father is a dispossessed member of the Cavanaugh family. He married for love, a girl the family told him bluntly would mean being disinherited. They married anyway, and he served with the police force, she in teaching history at a local church school. When their young daughter - conceived before the marriage, another split with the respectable Cavanaughs - was old enough, she attended said school in between whatever activities her father could arrange with other officers and their children. She spent her time moving from uniform to uniform, from skirts and blazers to soccer or track or fencing. She spent her nights exhausted, and sometimes she wouldn't touch clothes of her own choice until the weekend. If then

As she grew up, the uniforms fit only a little tighter on her. Used to a life of moving from one class and group to the next, she was kept on her toes even more than the ballet class her mother dropped her off from and a patrol officer picked her and two other girls and dropped her off at the station. Police brat from her pointes to her buns, as one of the female officers grinned (and the guys laughed, and when she understood that laughter, she glared at them). There was reconciliation between the Cavanaugh's and their wayward son, and occasionally a grandparent would show up to watch the young Emily at a recital or a soccer match. She began to spend some summers at the family homes; trading uniforms for prim and neat dresses. She saw just another uniform, just another face she had to wear.

University was always going to happen, but she quickly fell in with a ... crowd. Overwhelmed by the options open to her, for the first time able to make her own choices, it could have been a lot worse than it ended up. HEMA - Historical European Martial Arts - picked up the athletic history student at an open day when she stopped to chatter to one of her fellow cop floor brats. It worked well for her - a love of history and a taught physicality. Her father was happy enough to have his daughter go into something that might help her if she followed him into the police.

So there she is. On the edge of the very respectable Cavanaughs, of late, Emily has grown far more confident and self-possessed than ever before. Maybe her blood's starting to run true.


Excuse Me, Officer: Emily is young, white, and has a cop in her family. She's also partial to running around (sometimes literally) in armor or sparring with weaponry. Sometimes people call the cops, or they see her while she carries things about. In those cases? There aren't many better ways to fix up your stats than stopping her. Get IA off your back today!
Historical European Martial Arts: Do you love European history? The warfare? Are you sick of the Japanophiles raving about katana? Come on over! It's a growing field, uncovering and rediscovering how warfare and personal combat evolved through Europe in the last thousand years or so. Educational, good exercise, and incredibly fun. Emily will show you. And the little brat is surprisingly good at it.
Student of History: Emily studies so as not to repeat it. At the university, you might know her. She might know you! Are you BFFS? Frenemies for ever? Have you cheered her on the soccer squad or heard her bitch about a cheer team?
Demonic Forces: Emily is Possessed, part of the Fallcoast Society of Esoteric Epicurianism. The tomboy occasionally puts on her best clothes and goes to sit-down dinners where she and folk from all over talk, chat. Are you a member? Or just curious why that little athletic brat is stepping out of a fine restaurant in frock and stockings?
Fallcoast Society for Esoteric Epicureanism: She has many reasons to be proud of this achievement.
Cavanaugh: Emily is a member of the family, and seems to be increasing her ties with them. Sure, she's not the usual pampered deb princess the family produces, but she's smart, active and engaged in charitable work. Speaking of that ...
Virtue Community Centre: A one-time church which Emily helped reclaim and smarten up. Now a non-denominational faith-affiliated space for groups to gather, store equipment, engage in activities and meet others of a like mind. So many are proud to be members.

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When a Knight Won his Spurs - Jan Struther
Let faith be my shield and let joy be my steed
'Gainst the dragons of anger, the ogres of greed;
And let me set free with the sword of my youth,
From the castle of darkness, the power of the truth.

This is War - Ingrid Michaelson
This is war, this is war
I will run until I can't run anymore
Someone's got to lose
It's not gonna be this girl this time

A cousin to envy.
A good ol' greedy gal
A looker to lust at.
Auntie! Probably the most typical of the family. She's not terrible, even if she is a blackmailing little arse
Everything I'd expect from a Skinner. Can't fault her love of blades, though. She'll be fun to beat into shape.