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Emilio Kaleja


The Man

Name - Emilio Kaleja
DoB - 12thAugust 1991
Apparent Age - mid Twenties
Virtue - Charity
Vice - Sloth

The Wolf

Deed Name - Wandering-Sights
Auspice - Elodoth
Tribe - Iron Masters
Lodge - Spires




Gogol Bordello - Through the Roof'n'Underground
And as we're crossing border after border
We realize that difference is none
It's underdogs who, and if you want it
You always have to make your own fun

And as the upperdog leisurely sighing
The local cultures are dying and dying
The programmed robots are buying and buying
And a psycho load of freaks they are still trying trying

Ooohoohoooh through the roof, underground

And as the boy scouts learn to read between the lines
The silver rabbits hop between their fathers' lies
And boy scouts ask "Where? Where do they go?"
They go to the country that they only know

Just like their meanings they lay between the lines
Between the borders their real countries hide
The strategigo's saw their advertise
Their strategy of being is one of in-your-face disguise

Ooohoohoooh through the roof, underground!

And when their own walls they will a-crumble,
And all the systems will be discumbumbled,
Around the stump of bigotry, our own!


The Gauntlet - Emilio keeps vigil over the Gauntlet, traveling the city on a lookout work things of a wonky spiritual nature. Perhaps you do this too, or maybe you're a cause of said wonkyness??

Harmony - Balance of the soul is important, and Emilio is in no way reluctant to remind others of this. Are you afflicted by low Harmony? Emilio can guide you back unto the right path.

Witness - He's a member of the Lodge of Spires, and can therefore pretty easily identify other supernatural beings in the city through secret Lodge-magic. Cross-over friendly, he seeks allies against the Pure.

Wheelin'n'dealin' - Emilio is an an envoy to spirits, and is always making deals with them. As a consequence, he often engages in peculiar behavior, either as a way to clear a debt or to get a spirit indebted to him. Spirits are weird, so it could be anything, maybe even something that aligns with (or opposes) your interest!


Yourname - TBA


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