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Elmo Abernathy
Abernathy Skulldot02.pngSkulldot02.pngSkulldot02.png
Apparent Age
Mid to Late 20s
Relationship Status
It's Complicated
Woodblood / Skogsra
Autumn Skulldot02.pngSkulldot02.pngSkulldot02.pngSkulldot02.png
The Horde
“Children show scars like medals. Lovers use them as secrets to reveal. A scar is what happens when the word is made flesh.”

– Leonard Cohen

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Words Are Just Dust

The dark heart of the forest. Roots that reach to the very bones of the Earth. That which made man huddle around their precious fire, warding against the night. Who talks like that?! Elmo does. Elmo Abernathy, first and third of his name. A young child generations ago, and then something else that lived his life in Fall Coast, a cruel bastard of a man who wore dark rumors like clothes, petty, cruel and suspected of many unpleasant things. Like all men, he eventually died. Three years ago Elmo turned back up in town, a young man in his twenties with a faintly out dated sense of style and views. Reclusive, found in the woods of Hanging Hills more often than not, and there's something just... off about him.


Changeling: ...

Autumn: ...

Abernathy: ...

Collateral Damage

Mine (mīn)
1.used to refer to a thing or things belonging to or associated with the speaker.
  • Dottie Girlfriend: Brilliant and Hungry, a Proper Lady
  • Isa Ever Useful Encorcelled
  • Nemo Legal Wife, Friend

What Music They Make

Combichrist - Homeward
The raven flies past me
It's leading the way
In the darkness I'm drifting
There's no reason to stay
Everything was broken
The dark would always win
I am homeward bound
This is where death begins

Vanity thy name is...




Elmo Abernathy Nov. 24 1938 - Dec. 8 2010,
The true Elmo Abernathy (and his sister) left this world in 1951, but to most everyone else, he stayed right here in Hanging Hills. All but inseperable from his Twin, the two were a force to be reckoned with, masters of petty creulties, the center of many vicious rumors, and dabblers in every vice. Of course, they were Abernathy, so hardly anyone thought with was out of the ordinary. They owned a short lived Brothel together in 1972, but it closed down shortly after from health code violations, alleged legality of it's employees, and lack of business after strange rumors of people dissapearing that could never solidly be proven.
Hooks: Maybe you were abducted by him! Or Ran into him, and now there's a younger Elmo that looks just like, him, same name and all.

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