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Full Name: Ellery Clark
Date of Birth: January 12 1988
Apparent Age: Thirties
Occupation: General Contractor
Type: Wolfblooded
Pack: Night Clerks

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Ellery Clark

xxxxxEllery Clark was born on the edge of town and was part of a smallish pack. It was there that he met Cole and Baby, the three of them having been friends since childhood. He was middle-of-the road in pretty much every way, from popularity to academic achievement. As soon as he got out of highschool, he started working in the construction business and working toward getting his electrician's license. Eventually, he and his two childhood friends formed their own pack and took over the family business. They've been working on making that a success.

RP Hooks

  • Local Born
    Ellery grew up on the edge of town in one of the local packs.
  • Local Pack
    He's now in a small pack with Cole and Baby.
  • Wolfblood
    He knew from an early age just what he was and was taught what that meant.
  • Psychic
    His powers began to manifest around the time when others were going through their first change.
  • General Contractor/Electrician
    Ellery works with his packmates in a construction company that does new construction and renovations.

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