Elena Varnyte

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Date of Birth: ???
Apparent Age: 20s-30s
Virtue: ???
Vice: ???

Covenant: Invictus
Clan: Daeva
Coterie: None
Bloodline: ???


Elena is a new arrival in Fallcoast. Her past, what is known of it, is that she has most recently come from New York City where she spent only a handful of years gathering resources for some unknown purpose. While not given true membership on it, she was granted an advisory role with the Invictus Inner Circle there. What level of assistance she provided is unknown, but the Invictus made great strides in reclaiming much of the city for the covenant before her departure.

Now she has arrived in Fallcoast, ghouls and newly acquired resources in tow.


  • Invictus: Who else would she align herself with? Only the Invictus understand that the old ways work best.
  • Titles: Alder Lady Baroness Elena Varnytė is her official title. She is also recognized as a Librettist.
  • Elder: Elena is old enough that she very plainly has forgotten more than she remembers. Maybe you remind her of someone she used to know?
  • Luxury: She will not be found in the muck! Back, peasant.
  • European: Her accent is hard to piece together thanks to the fog of ages, but she is probably from Eastern Europe originally.


Elena is the sort of woman who stands out based on figure alone. She could wear no makeup and be dressed in the plainest of clothes and she'd still draw the eye. She's only a couple inches over five feet tall but it's her curvaceous figure that draws the eye for better or worse. She seems confident enough with it though, not minding the attention but using it to her advantage when she must.

She has dark brown hair that hangs down to the middle of her back and light hazel eyes that almost look golden in the right, with attractive features that are always enhanced with makeup, no matter the occasion or time of night.


  • Ariah: That could have gone better, hmmmm?
  • Tobias: Well aren't you quite the flatterer.


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