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The Flesh

Full Name - Samuel 'Dutch' Crowe
Occupation - Creepy Hermit
Date of Birth - December 31st, 1985
Place of Birth - Fallcoast, Maine
Virtue - Fortitude
Vice - Sadism

The Spirit

Sphere - Werewolf
Deed-name - Shah-Dhuri’ghir, Heart of Endless Rage, or Rage-Heart
Auspice - Rahu
Tribe - Storm Lords, Iminir, Son of Skolis-Ur, the Winter Wolf
Lodge - Fury Choir
Pack - Storm Wardens


xxxxxThis story is true...

xxxxxI was born in May of ‘85. My family wasn't well off. My dad drove truck so wasn't around alot but he kept food on the table. My mom did her best to raise a boy, but I spent most of my time outside and by myself. Other kids were always uneasy around me and I didn't like the crowds. It wasn’t an easy childhood, but it made me who I am. I'm a man of principle, and that eats pretty hard sometimes. You get used to it though. I come across as crass and a bit of an ass at times. Suits me fine though. Less people to try and entertain. I went through a rough patch in my late teens. Got in with the wrong crowd and did a lot of stupid shit. Joined a gang and rode with them for a while. Some good came out of it though… I joined the Marine Corps and found my way on the battlefield.

xxxxxI didn't know shit about shit before I changed. Went through life thinking there wasn't much worse out there than me. Funny how quickly that flies out the window. I mean don't get me wrong… There were some pretty freaky things happening in Afghanistan...but if any of it was supernatural I didn't know about it. I hadn't been home in a long time, hard to remember exactly how long. At any rate my 4 years were just about up. I was sent out on a recon mission with my amigo (he had some hard to pronounce Spanish name so I just called him that… really pissed him off too) and a few guys too cool to be regulars. It stunk bad but orders are orders. We get out to this little village where something is supposed to happen (don't ask me what, it was need to know and we were just there as added muscle). By this time my skin is crawling. I'm seeing shit out of the corner of my eye, got this cold line running up and down my spine like it's doing laps… But these cool cats are calm as can be. Assholes. I'm ready to leave because nothing is happening and my bug out meter is flopping past maximum, but then it happened. AK fire starts ripping out towards us and we all hit the sand. My amigo and I fan out to the sides to get intersecting lanes of fire down the street they're coming up, and these other guys dip into a building and disappear.

xxxxxWe’re running low on ammo and my buddy tosses me one of his last mags because I'm already out. Before I can even get a round racked into the chamber he takes a hit though. Right in the neck. Blood sprays out almost far enough to hit me… his M4 hits the sand, hands up to his neck. That's when I realized it was already dark. Hard to tell with how bright the moon was. I look up and see the beacon of silver light piercing the darkness. My eyes go blurry, I feel like I'm starting to float and then crash through something like glass. I hear this growl like something straight out of hell and the enemy is reacting before I even realize it's coming from my throat. They start hauling ass out to where they had been advancing. I move so quick I'm already standing above the first of the assholes that just killed my friend. Yeah… above them… like a good 3 feet above them. They are shrieking like they just had a lizard crawl up their asses and before I know it I feel the hot wetness dripping down my arms. My vision is red like the blood so I can't see the color, but soon I can taste it and I know it's blood.

xxxxxI blacked out soon after that. Woke up in the middle of the desert but seemed to know how to get back to base. I was naked, no gear, and when they saw me they thought they were seeing a ghost. None of the others made it back. When they sent a party to go and fetch the dead there was nothing there. Like it never happened. Got sent home on an honorable discharge not long after that.


Breaking Benjamin - Red Cold River

I can't feel anything at all,
This life has left me cold and damned.
I can't feel anything at all,
This love has led me to the end.
Stay reformed, erase this perfect world.
Hate left below, the dark, stray dog of war.

Disciple - Game On

Say what you want to say about me,
Throw up what you want to throw up at me.
But when you mess with those that are around me,
That's when you and I will have a problem.
When the lights go up and the game is on,
Are you ready for me? Cause I'm ready for you!


Uratha - One of the Forsaken, as Rulurnim he holds the Oath above all.

Back-woods Doctor - Good at patching people up with less than cutting edge equipment. Discretion comes with the price tag.

Fallcoast Native - Ran around Fallcoast in his youth. Maybe you knew each other back then when he was a bit of a rebel.

Inked -Lots of work done already. High quality stuff and always looking to show and tell.

Marine - Served a tour in Afghanistan, still respects his brothers and sisters


Evelyn2.jpgEvelyn - Mate. It's funny finding strength and weakness all in one dark, little, spooky package.


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