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“Come on, dear, come have some tea with me and tell me all about what's botherin' you. We'll get this worked out, one way or another.”

– Durga, Obrimos Councilor


xxxxxHaving found herself among the Wise at a later age than some, her years and experience have shaped her world-view and fit into the Libertines rather well. Durga is a mother figure, truly, fierce and protective on one hand and nurturing and caring on the other. The Free Council looks to her as a leader as much as that Order can. She finds herself in a Cabal with the Silver Ladder Hierarch, Occam's Razor, and has been for a rather long time.

xxxxx Durga is always open to talk to the people of the Consilium, be they her Path or Order or not, and she will help everyone to the best of her ability. Usually with fresh baked cookies or pie and tea (sweet tea or, yes, even proper British tea). While it may seem she is frequently overtaxed, she does not complain about her duties and, in fact, always insists on taking on more. She carries a constant smile and a warm, grandmotherly presence in most situations but, like the Hierarch, when Durga does get angry the term "mother bear" comes to mind.

  • Goal #1 - Take care of her Order and the Consilium the best that she can.
  • Goal #2
  • Goal #3
Durga NPC.jpg
Run By: Storyteller
Date of Birth: April 4, 1945
Apparent Age: early 60s, maybe
Occupation: Retired
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Wrath

Path: Obrimos
Order: Free Council
Legacy: Unknown
Cabal: Occam's Razor
Status: Obrimos Councilor

Disney - Your Mother and Mine

What makes mothers all that they are
Might as well ask, "What makes a star?"
Ask your heart to tell you her worth
Your heart will say, "Heaven on earth"
Another word for divine
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