Dragash Harkevich

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“75% of quotations are made up on the spot and attributed to someone who sounds credible but who's really full of it.”

– Baron von Munchausen


xxxxxDragash is a native of Fallcoast, but left shortly after graduating high school due to family complications. He has only recently returned after almost two decades to continue his medical education and maybe open up a practice.

RP Hooks
  • Werewolf - Yup, he counts.
  • Profession - He is currently a therapist (ie. shrink) with aspirations to greater things.
  • Fish

Some Subsection

  • Captain


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Dragash Harkevich
Emun Elliott 2.jpg
Date of Birth: Dec. 1, 1979
Apparent Age: Early thirties
Occupation: Therapist
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Greed

Tribe: Iron Masters
Auspice: Rahu
Lodge: None
Pack: None
Entitlement: None

Men Without Hats - Safety Dance

You can dance if you want to.
You can leave your friends behind.
Because your friends don't dance.
And if they don't dance,
Then they ain't no friends of mine.
  • (2015.08.08)
The Hunt - Beshilu Dead Weight
  • (2015.08.25)
Karaoke Carnage
  • (2015.12.06)
Pack Fair